Meditation – An increasingly popular practice in today’s “Holistic Spa Journey”

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At every moment of your existence- any conscious moment that is- you have some degree of choice about how you feel. Wellness is now a lifestyle choice.

Amongst the ever increasing list of alternative therapies found in holistic spa journeys, one that is gaining popularity is the practice of meditation.

Meditation has been around for as long as we can all remember, but most people recognize meditation as a spiritual practice and often neglect to see the health benefits.

The psychological effects of meditation re enforce how body and mind are interdependent on each others well being which means we can literally decide how we are feeling.


There is a growing acceptance of meditation as an effective therapeutic tool. The benefits of meditation are many fold because it can reverse your stress response, shielding you from chronic stress.

While practicing meditation your heart rate and breathing slow down, your blood pressure normalizes and you use oxygen more efficiently.

Your Adrenal glands produce less Cortisol (the hormone responsible for stress and abdominal weight gain), memory and concentration are enhanced and immune function is improved.

The Limbic area of the brain experiences the greatest effects of meditation, as it is this area that is associated with emotions, memory, hunger and how we respond to danger and stress. This ties in well with research and centuries of anecdotal evidence that says meditating helps us relax, release stress, and feel more at peace.


It is important to note that there many different meditation techniques, but the four main elements are consistent.

  • A quiet environment- your holistic spa offers a calm and serene space with exotic fragrances and soothing candlelight.
  • A comfortable position- whether seated outside in nature or during massage in a luxurious treatment room
  • The focus of intention- this can be found in your breath , the sounds of music and cascading water synonymous with spa.
  • Passively letting the mind wander without concentrating or dwelling on any particular thought.

Is meditation mainly for relaxation ?

This is partly true, in that meditation promotes relaxation and indeed requires us to relax in order to do it well. But relaxation is simply an absence of unhelpful activity, while meditation requires both the absence of unhelpful activity and the cultivation of beneficial mental and emotional activity.


Meditation encourages personal growth by

  • Gaining inner peace- a strong sense of  inner stillness and harmony
  • Increased self awareness- one becomes more conscious about what you think , and why you think the way you do.
  • Being more grounded , less attached to your physical world and more in touch with the environment
  • Living fully in the present moment, and not getting caught up with past and future thought patterns.
  • Increased consciousness- allowing you to become more connected with yourself , your surroundings and the people around you
  • Restful sleep- by clearing the overactive mind regularily , one is able to sleep easier.
  • Heightening spiritual connection and  intuitive skills
  • Increased life purpose.


Awareness is fundamental to meditation. Principally awareness brings choice.

Without awareness there is no choice, with awareness there is choice. With choice comes the consciously directed change that is personal growth.


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