Introducing CSpa Aroma Wellness – the enigmatic essence of life.

| December 7, 2011

It has been known since ancient times that scent stimulates memory, imagination, dreams and wellbeing. Now, embracing the soul of essential oils, a new generation aroma wellness range, CSpa, presents a sensorial journey towards balance and beauty.


Based on purist aromatherapy principles in which essential oils are lipo-soluble, meaning they penetrate fast and deep into the skin, “aroma serums” form the DNA of the extensive CSpa range, promising profound results.

South African-made, free of parabens and malevolent minerals, CSpa presents an unprecedented range of well-planned homecare products for all skin types and body wellness requirements, supported by precise professional spa & salon treatments.


Containing blended essential oil components to ensure a sophisticated feel and smell, the CSpa Aroma Wellness range fuses ancient aromatherapy philosophies with simplistic and modern applications making the range a high performance scent experience.

Both compelling and comprehensive, CSpa comprises a range for Face (Anti-Ageing, Hydrating, Cleansing and Rebalancing), Body (cleansing, moisturizing and soaks) and Infusion Teas (flowers and loose teas) which will immerse you into an olfactory world of well-being.


The Spirit of Aromatherapy Within

CSpa’s indulgent Face Range contain the heart of aroma wellness – from Cleansing to Hydrating, Anti-Age and Rebalancing – and, when added to spa rituals, the innovative new Aroma Serums ensure a multi-sensory, results-driven treatment.


Within the Uplifting Cleansing range are essential oils of Grapefruit, Neroli and Pomegranate to tone, plump and tighten while improving the body’s own ability to produce collagen and elastin (the much-loved skin elasticity twins).

Within the range is a Cleansing Milk and Foaming Cleanser, delicately scented Aroma Tonic Lotion and an Aroma Exfoliator all of which will transport you to a place of tranquility while gently renewing the skin.


A drink for thirsty skin, the Hydrating range contains essential oils of Aloe-Vera, Sandalwood and Neroli which improve cell regeneration and hydrate & balance the skin, leaving it soft and rejuvenated.


Within the range are a Hydra-Boosting Serum (an essential oil elixir with enriched moisturizing properties), Hydra-Indulgence Cream and Hydra-Indulgence Gel Mask (a cool oasis of moisture), encapsulated in a gel layer which leaves the skin feeling “super hydrated”.

The Anti-Ageing Range, meanwhile, is rich and rejuvenating, reducing signs of ageing by regenerating the skin’s natural collagen and elastin. Filled with the precious, essential oils of Myrrh, Frankincense and Jojoba, the range helps tone, hydrate and stimulate regeneration of cells for a sensory anti-ageing approach.

The anti-ageing arsenal includes an Age-Reversal Serum , Age-Defying Eye Cream (to blast those first signs of ageing), luxurious Rich Repair Anti-Age Cream and spectacular Age-Defying Cream Mask that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.


Essential oils of Geranium, Basil, Sandalwood, Lemon and Ginger are the elixir within the Rebalancing Range which soothes, tones and heals, equally good for acne skins as those needing to be rebalanced and re-energised.

Included in the range are a Rebalancing Serum (light but powerful with a fresh “green” aroma), Rebalancing Aroma-Cream Light and Rebalancing Aroma Mask which has anti-environmental peptides to restore the balance and ginger to energise the skin.


Turn on the Taps

In its Body Treatments, CSpa presents an Invigorating Shower Gel with Grapefruit oil; Invigorating Body Scrub (with uplifting Orange & Ginger essential oils) and an Aroma-Rich Nourishing Body Cream combining anti-ageing Myrrh and Frankincense essential oils to leave skin hydrated, soft and toned.


Back in the bath, CSpa’s bath crystals present the ultimate sensory soak and included in the range are: Lemongrass (to leave the mind and body clear and relaxed), relaxing Cashmere; refreshing & rejuvenating Rooibos Mineral Bath Salts with Rose Petals and; the Sensorial Shimmer Milk Bath with natural Whey powder, rich in vitamins to regenerate and remineralise.

Spa Rituals to delight the senses are performed in discerning spas and salons nationwide.


Both face and body ranges include spritsers which can be sprayed as a halo around the face, directly onto the body for a soft hydrating, refreshing or invigorating mist or even onto linen or in the room to create an aromatic ambience.


The CSpa range is complete with unique taste experiences in its Infusions & Teas from hand-tied Flower Teas (fragrant sweet Christmas Tree Flower Tea and delightful Jasmine Fairy Flower) to loose teas including uplifting Blueberry White Tea (packed with anti-oxidants), calming Rosehip (full of Vitamin C), spicy & stimulating Bombay Chai (with Ginger, Cardamon, Cloves and Cinnamon spices) and the uplifting taste of Fresh Lemon Black Tea.

CSpaa sensory immersion to re-awaken total skin & body wellness and mindfulness.


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