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Exploring the secret to ageless beauty is the theme of this issue, as clients so often ask our expertise, in the search for the fountain of youth.

As revealed in the article the Secrets of Ageless Beauty, the best, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle cosmeceutical is sunscreen.  Most of our cell-damaging sun exposure occurs by the time we reach age 20. It takes 5-20 years after exposure to actually see visible damage on our skin. This explains why so many clients who visit skin care professionals to repair their skin are over age 35 – that’s when everyone starts to notice sun spots, fine lines and other signs of ageing. This is also why it is so important to teach our kids about wearing sunscreen on a daily basis – getting into a habit at this time makes it as easy to do as brushing your teeth every morning before you leave for school or work.

Additionally, we look at the myths surrounding Chemical Peels, and the role of antioxidants in healthy ageing.  We indulge in the top 10 Beauty Foods, and understand the important role of Human Growth Hormone.  Dr Mark Steinmann differentiates the role of Plastic Surgeons and John Barnes explains the myofascial release, a simple, gentle safe technique, which releases pain and enhances one’s appearance by reducing wrinkles and improving skin tone of the face and neck.

In our Green section, we look at the Green Calculator, making assessment of your consumption simple and easy, and Sarene Kloren and Annette Kesler jet off the Mauritius, to sample the cuisine and spa treatments.

Stress management has never been more necessary than it is today. For many, however, knowing just how to relax is an issue. If your clients are worrying throughout their treatment about everything that they have to do, they won’t fully enjoy the experience. Helping them to completely relax will make them more likely to return. Les Nouvelles shares some techniques that may help the over-stressed to wind down.

In our spa business articles, we explore the marketing of a massage. Massage services are as competitive as jewellery, clothing and gourmet meals. As in the case of these other more tangible treats, a massage service is a purchase that must be presented in a manner that captivates the customer, provides satisfaction and ensures loyalty.   Additionally, we look at the value of an attractive, descriptive and compelling menu of services.

Lastly, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques has the pleasure of interviewing Joseph Lewis, Founder and Chemist for Priori, together with being the innovator behind active ingredients, such as AHA, Idebenone, Coffeeberry, etc.

While not to be forgotten our exploration of the magnificent recently opened spas in South Africa, with the new introduction of the Spa of the Month and Spa Manager of the Month, new product launches, spa news, new course information and more.


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Dr Nadine de Freitas

Managing Editor – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques


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Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, South African Edition was launched in October 2002, by Max Café and is now available bi-monthly. The South African Edition is distributed to all neighbouring countries, Kenya and Mauritius.


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