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Stand a chance of WINNING a giveaway to the value of R2500 with Sensual Solutions, brought to you by SHM, Dr Reza Mia and Dr Rey.

Visit our facebook page for more details on how to enter and win!

Competition runs from 15 February – 22 February

Winner will be announced Friday 24th February 2012



Dr. Robert Rey brings Sensual Solutions, a skincare line
created for women who want doctor’s office results with
no appointment necessary. This breakthrough advance
in anti-aging unites cutting-edge technology with exotic
ingredients from the doctor’s homeland; the
Brazilian Rainforest, for an innovative and refreshing
approach to ageless, timeless beauty.



Eye Range: Eye Full™

Contouring wrinkle filler with AActive6-Exotics. This unique formulation immediately increases the
skin’s hydration level to instantly fill in expression lines and deep wrinkles and reduce their future
appearance over time. Effective on its own or in combination with botulinum toxin or Dermal filler

Face Range: Severe Line Refine™

Hyaluronic acid Hydro Enhance Serum with AActive6- Exotics™. Dramatically and quickly smooths
the appearance of even the deepest wrinkles around your eyes, brow, lip and nose. Enhances Dermal
filler treatment when used together. Proven to be effective on its own.

Body Range: Well in Hand™

Anti-Aging plumping hand & foot cream with AActive6-Exotics™. Don’t let your hands & feet give away
your age. Made with proprietary active ingredients, helps to stimulate the skin’s own plumping, hydrating,
and softening abilities, diminishing lines and wrinkles, reinforcing the skin barrier, and creating a more
youthful appearance. Enhances Dermal filler treatments and thickens the skin.

Lip Range: Lip Correct™

Hydrating Lip Smoother with AActive6-Exotics. Formulated with dermaxyl to penetrate deep into the skin
to correct & repair wrinkles. Instantly lips become softer and smoother.

Lip Range: From Your Lips™

Instant Lip Plumper with AActive6-Exotics™ to help you get the perfect pout. Formulated with ingredients to
instantly plump, hydrate & enhance the lips & eliminate lines. Enhances Dermal filler treatments.

Remember all competition details will go up on the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Facebook Fan Page


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