What is a Medi Spa?

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What is a Medi Spa?


As defined by the International SPA Association, a Medical Spa is an institution whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment, which integrates spa services as well as conventional and complimentary therapies and treatments.

A  Medical Spa is a similar relaxing type environment to a spa with beautiful décor and attention to a calm tranquil atmosphere. You will also find all the normalities of a normal spa with beautiful change rooms, soft luxurious gowns and slippers, calming relaxation areas and tranquil water treatments.

However a Medi spa differs from a normal Spa in two main regards, firstly the medi Spa will have both medical and spa therapists under one roof so therefore you can have both medical and cosmetic/relaxation treatments at the same institution. Depending on the type of doctor present the spa will offer services from injectable type treatments like botinulinum toxin and injectable fillers and could possibly include liposuction and breast augmentation if the correct practitioner and facilities are provided. The soothing comforting environment of the spa will help to put the patients at ease and make the treatments more of a pleasurable experience for the patient.

The second difference is that a medical spa is able to offer more cosmoceutical type treatments with higher levels of active ingredients due to the fact that there is a qualified medical practitioner on the premises to oversee and preform these types of treatments. The type of treatments offered can be slightly more invasive to what you would receive in a spa, but do offer faster, more effective results.

In a Medi Spa it is quite usual that you will find chemical peeling treatments available on the treatment menu. These types of treatments use ingredients like AHA’s, beta hydroxyl acids, and tetrachloric acid. The active ingredients that are used break the protein bonds down between the layers of the epidermis and speed up the shedding process of the skin. Skin peeling treatments are indicated for fine lines and wrinkles, dull and thickened skins, and can also be extremely beneficial when treating scarring and acne skins. The down time of a peeling treatment for a patient will be directly dependant on the strength of the peel, type of peel and also the length of time and or the layers of solution that is applied.

Another treatment that seems to be growing in popularity in Medi spas is micro needling. This is a new way of penetrating active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin by means of a roller with many tiny needles. The type of ingredients that are generally penetrated can be used to treat anything from loss of density, scar removal, weight loss to the treatment of hair loss. The penetration of these  tiny little needles generally between 0,5mm and 2.5 mm, temporarily open passages for the active ingredients to penetrate the skin while at the same time injure the skin sufficiently enough to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in a firmer more youthful skin tone.

Other types of specialised treatments available in a medi spa can include laser or IPL (intense pulsed light treatment) these types of devices are generally used for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation. A new trend that has become slowly available over the last few years  is the use of radio frequency devices which work on firming and toning the skin, they can be very useful for those stubborn areas namely the double chin and flabby upper arms.

Medical weight loss programs have also become more prevalent in Medi Spa’s these are weight loss programs that are normally backed by medical research and have been tried and tested with clinical studies. This is a safer way to lose weight as you are monitored by a medical practitioner throughout the duration of your weight loss and maintenance and have the on-going support of the Medi Spa therapists. For more dramatic body sculpting results it is great to incorporate a Medical weight loss programs in conjunction with micro needling, skin peeling, radio frequency and laser lipolysis, a new type of laser on the market that works on breaking down excess adipose tissue and remodelling the body.

Another popular treatment is teeth whitening. White teeth are usually associated with good health, good hygiene, and a youthful appearance so therefore these types of treatments have also become increasingly popular, teeth whitening can only be administered by dental practitioners or by the patient themselves. Teeth whitening works very well in conjunction with the dermal fillers, Botox and peeling type treatments as beautiful white teeth will help to intensify the treatment results achieved in a Medi Spa.

 Having a medical doctor and spa therapists working so closely together can be very beneficial for both Doctor and Skin care therapist. Usually patients that are undergoing medical treatments are often in need of spa therapies to speed up there recovery and to intensify their treatment results. Whilst Doctors are used to working worth more pressed appointment books, Spa Therapists are able to spend more time with the patient and assist them with the difficulties and concerns they may have pre and post treatment. This synergy helps to personalise the experience far more for the patients and helps to add value to the Medical Practice.

Therefore one could say that a medi spa is a perfect blend between clinical treatments and luxury based treatments where the spa customer is guaranteed to leave the institution not only feeling younger and more revived but actually looking that way too.

 By: Karen Ellithorne


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