The Cradle Health Spa

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A fusion of modern and multi-disciplinary healing modalities

Health is the new wealth, and this is at the heart of the philosophy practiced at Cradle Health Spa and Medical Centre, an incredible new holistic health and pampering spa nestled under the beautiful Magaliesburg mountains in the Hartebeespoort Valley, just a short drive out of Sandton.

The Cradle Health Spa and Medical Centre were born out of desire to bring a brand new concept to South Africa. The original concept was to provide a service where a full conventional medical check could be combined with a day of luxury spa pampering and treatments. Integral to the concept was to create a safe and comfortable environment where the dread of seeing a doctor for a full medical or gynaecological examination is counter-balanced by relaxing spa treatments.

As the concept grew and evolved the holistic element developed and complementary and preventative healing modalities were integrated into the original concept.

Cradle Health Spa and Medical Centre offers full conventional medical consultations, a fusion of modern and multi-disciplinary healing modalities, a magnificent day spa and conference facilities, health and wellness seminars, pregnancy and other programmes – all personalised to clients needs by an expert team of medical doctors, gynaecologists, nurses, massage therapists, physiotherapists, beauticians and other practitioners.

The Spa offers a wide range of hands-on treatments from various cultural traditions. The expansive array of traditional approaches allows trained therapists to address each client’s personal needs. Treatments include the Signature Sense Massage Treatments, Swedish and Aromatherapy massage, Sunrise Warm Stone and the Heated Herbal Poultice massages, scalp & hair treatments, facial treatments, body treatments, hand and foot treatments and Pregnancy Packages including Cradle of Life, Light legs treatment, Mellow Mama, Maternal Glow and the 4th Trimester Healing Hour.

Communication with therapists is encouraged to ensure correct pressure, temperature and specific concerns as they arise, allowing clients to customise their treatment.

There are 12 luxurious treatment suites each with a private garden and Spa Café, which offers a buffet of natural foods.
The Spa has its own body care range, which draws upon the healing properties of wild-grown Marula and coconut oils, organically-formulated nourishing creams and pure essential oil aromas.

The Cradle Heath Spa and Medical Centre provides individualised medical examinations for clients based on their personal and family medical history. The Centre supports the premise that an annual medical examination is a vital component of health. It is well established that certain diseases like hypertension do not manifest with any symptoms and unless specifically checked and if missed will result catastrophic consequences. For convenience, an on-site Lancet laboratory depot and qualified phlebotomist are available to draw specimens.

The centre boasts experts such as Dr. Leon Nel, a Family Physician by profession and social entrepreneur at heart, Dr Peter Koll, a specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been in private practice in Sandton for the past 23 years and Dr. David Adler, specialising in all aspects of internal medicine and venous thrombotic disease. He has been involved in a number of clinical trials in this arena, has lectured internationally and is a founder member of the South African Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. Other experts include Dietitian – Bronwen Stokes, Child Psychologist – Tarryn Felton, Podiatrist – Pierre Oosthuizen, Sports Physiotherapist – Michelle Bester and Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Steinman.

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