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Opportunity knocks but Spa Owners won’t open the door , by Vaughan Owgan

Trick question, if you have a 500 customers on your salon database, over the next 365 days, how many of them will have a birthday?

Okay, so it’s not a trick question. However, regardless of how many customers you have on your database, over the next three hundred and sixty five days, unless they die, all of your customers will have a birthday.

Let’s state the obvious, birthdays are important to your customer. It’s their one big day of the year, it is their turn to feel special, it is their turn to be the centre of attention. So if it is important to your customer, it should be important to you. Click here to check out this hilarious video from Netflorist that stresses the fact that you should never, ever forget to do something special for your customer on the day of her birthday.

Even better than Valentine’s Day!
Im always telling Salon Management Studio customers to be on the lookout for ‘massive marketing opportunities’ – times when people are more willing than usual to buy your products and your services. In my opinion, birthdays provide salons with even greater marketing and profit potential than Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. While Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day happen only once a year, birthdays happen every month and almost every week. Birthday marketing offers a very high return on investment for very little effort. Not only does it give you the opportunity to increase revenue and boost retail sales, birthday marketing will help you cement unshakable customer loyalty and differentiate your salon from other local businesses.

If these facts don’t get you excited, nothing will…
Aside from the indisputable fact that all of your customers will have a birthday this year, consider the following facts about South African consumers;
a. She (your typical female South African female customer) will go out to dinner and celebrate on the day of her birthday.  If for some reason they can’t go out on the day, they will still go out and celebrate the weekend before or after.
b. She will not celebrate alone. She will celebrate with her boyfriend, husband, fiancé, friends, family, peers, work colleagues and loves ones. Your customer is going to be seen by people whose opinion is important to her.
c. She will want to dress up, look good and feel gorgeous. She has aged another year but she doesn’t want to look older, in fact, she wants the people around her to be amazed at how good she still looks!
d. If you own a spa it is YOUR JOB to make her look good and feel great on her birthday If she looks great she feels great. That’s priceless – no business can do more for her on the day of her business than yours can. She needs to help, your expertise and your services, but, will she receive and meaningful, value added communication from your salon on the day of her birthday?

How well are you doing?
Considering all of the above facts do you realise that birthdays present you with a massive marketing opportunity every month of the year? I tell my customers that birthday marketing is like taking candy from babies. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

The problem is, that most spa owners don’t grab the opportunity with both hands, instead they let it slip through their fingers.

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