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About TheraVine

TheraVine is an avant-garde range of advanced health and skincare products which has been developed especially to give you the perfectly balanced and radiating skin pursued by all. Not limited to age or gender, TheraVine™ holds the answer and unlocks the natural splendour of every person committed to achieving the optimum in body and skin care.

Intelligent Repair Skin Care Selection – revolutionise the fight against ageing

DID you know? Every minute of every day our bodies and skin cells are being bombarded by little destructive forces called free radicals, causing premature ageing and a variety of potential diseases.

Three new free radicals, that are most harmful to the skin, have been identified, namely, RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species), ROS (Reactive Oxygen species), and RCS (Reactive Carbonyl Species), and are generated from normal metabolic activity in the body. RNS, ROS and RCS cause damage to the DNA and protein structures (such as collagen and elastin), they decrease the repair ability of DNA, they influence enzyme activity, and they inhibit normal cellular function.

So what?

Well, DNA contains the instructions for the structure and function of a cell. In other words, DNA is the blueprint for every necessary function of cell life, including how each cell runs, reproduces, and builds and repairs itself – clearly important to look after!

So how does one protect DNA while fighting ROS, RNS and RCS free radicals?

Enter TheraVine™’s UltraVine Advance Range, an array of advanced products based on extensive research and clinical testing using the latest technological claim ingredients for a revolutionary antioxidant, resulting in optimal anti-ageing benefits, packed into the revolutionary travel size Intelligent Repair Skin Care Selection. Antioxidants are molecules that reduce the oxidation of other molecules and are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage. Because the Intelligent Repair Skin Care Selection is high in ground-breaking antioxidants, it immediately becomes a must-have for anyone intent on combatting the ageing process.

The Intelligent Repair Skin Care Selection includes three cutting edge products from the UltraVine Advance Range achieving superior results, that is, the UltraVine Advance RCS Day Cream, the UltraVine Advance ROS Night Cream, and the UltraVine Advance RNS Concentrate.

The UltraVine Advance RCS Day Cream has a potent, synergistic blend of ingredients which help firm, moisturise and reduce the appearance of those unwanted wrinkles. It helps protect the skin against the abuse of elements leaving your skin looking nourished and toned. After the sun goes down, the rich textured UltraVine Advance ROS Night Cream revitalises the skin’s cellular function, while simultaneously helping to improve the overall look and feel by smoothing out the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

To top the selection off the intensive treatment fluid, the UltraVine Advance RNS Concentrate, will help smooth out the appearance of unwelcome deep lines and wrinkles while simultaneously improving the tone and texture of your skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger.

This power trio has been compacted into a nifty travel size skin care selection so that you can revolutionise the fight against ageing on the go! The Intelligent Repair Skin Care Selection is the ideal travel companion or gift.

Unlocking the power of natural beauty

Where botanicals and advanced technology unlock the power of natural beauty and skincare – using sound international scientific research, advanced technological active ingredients to which the finest viticultural by-products from the Western Cape area are added – TheraVine™ is a unique, South African product, high in anti-ageing antioxidants and natural healing properties, combatting free radicals (your DNA’s worst enemy). TheraVine™ – South Africa’s sensory gift to beauty & skin care.

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