The Thalgo “Skincare Make-up” revolution

| July 2, 2013


Thalgo BB Cream Perfect Glow


All-In-One Beauty

Increasingly pressed for time, overworked, constantly juggling between day cream and foundation, women are turning to simplicity with the new generation of ultra-smart “half-skincare half-make-up” Beauty formulas. A true worldwide success story, BB Cream (Blemish Balm Cream) has been surfing the wave of nude make-up  and flawless skin and seducing Beauty Stars since its creation.

Today, however, skin luminosity is taking its place at the front of the beauty scene, as this study shows: more and more women are declaring themselves more concerned about a dull complexion (45%) than about wrinkles (42%) or loss of firmness (33%)*

The Thalgo “Skincare Make-up” revolution

To address this issue of radiance, the Thalgo Research Centre has identified the origins of skin luminosity and created its: BB Cream Perfect Glow.

More than just a BB or CC Cream, Thalgo’s BB Cream breathes new substance into the skin, perfecting and evening out the complexion with a unique technology of correction through “Coloured Light”.

Skin is beautifully smoothed and moisturised with an imperceptible, skin-enhancing formula that reveals the skin’s original radiance and beauty.

The science of light and skin

Radiance and luminosity, both essential to youth and  beauty, closely depend on skin quality. But what actually is radiance? It is the light that is diffused and reflected by the skin. The smoother, more homogeneous and more regular the skin’s surface, the more intense the skin’s luminosity. Therefore, the main factors involved in loss of skin luminosity are surface imperfections and irregularities, such as wrinkles, dehydration lines, dry patches, brown spots, redness and excess sebum, which create shadows on the face and alter the refraction of light. But light also penetrates the skin’s deeper layers, which, depending on their composition and condition, will re-emit these luminous rays with greater or lesser intensity. Healthy, moisturised skin with a cohesive structure

and high-quality constitutional substance retransmits intense light, revealing a fresh and radiant complexion. Skin that has lost its structure and homogeneous density, with cells that are less cohesive and essential components that have been damaged, becomes opaque and loses its ability to diffuse light. It becomes dull, pale and less translucent.


A unique “Skincare Make-Up” cream with triple RADIANCE effectiveness

Thalgo’s BB Cream acts on the 4 main factors that guarantee radiance to reveal the skin’s original luminosity: 

1. Breathing new substance into the skin

2. Correcting through coloured light

3. Intensely smoothing

4. Protecting natural beauty

 Perfect Glow, breathing new substance into the skin

The Thalgo skincare revolution: VITAPULP 

The Thalgo Research Centre has identified VITAPULP, a Verbena extract rich in peptides and oligosaccharides, which breathes new substance into all layers of the skin by helping reactivate its vital functions.

Scientifically proven effectiveness 

This exceptional plant extract helps stimulate keratinocyte cell renewal and improve intercellular cohesion.

>> The epidermis appears retexturised, its plumpness restored. On the surface, the skin appears perfectly smooth and homogeneous.

By stimulating the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid and anchoring proteins, the dermis regains its original structure and optimum density.

>> This new substance infused into the skin makes it more homogeneous and reduces its opacity.

Feeling restructured, plumped and smoothed, the skin regains its optimum qualities, to reflect and emit light of a greater intensity. It is enhanced with unparalleled radiance.

Perfect Glow, correcting through coloured light


The Thalgo make-up revolution: Correction through coloured light

 A unique alchemy of radiance-reflecting prisms and unprecedented chromatic composition, Thalgo’s BB Cream creates an imperceptible, 100% natural illuminating veil that fuses perfectly with each skin tone.

The reflecting prisms, true particles of light, act as “micro-mirrors”, optically correcting skin colour to boost natural radiance and neutralise unwanted shine.

The chromatic composition offers amazing coverage of imperfections. It enhances and evens out the complexion, refines the skin’s texture and leaves a powdery finish. The chameleon pigments are protected with a botanical coating to ensure perfect and homogeneous dispersion, for an ultra-natural make-up result and unparalleled “nude skin” effect.

A BB Cream highly rated by women


Visible and convincing results after just 4 weeks 

More even complexion / More homogeneous skin >> 85%

Refined and more regular skin texture >> 80%

Less visible redness >> 80%

Smoother skin >> 75%

Irregularities visibly reduced >> 75%

Perfect Glow, intensely smoothing



The Thalgo Research Centre drew inspiration from the sea, an inexhaustible source of hydration, choosing a green alga extract selected for the unique concentration of vital sugars it contains. Its phycocolloids (uronic acid polymers) have the power to capture water and create “reserves” in

the skin to continuously rehydrate it throughout the day. Sève Marine® works to increase the water saturation of the epidermis, corneocyte cohesion and intracellular lipid levels*, hence helping to restructure and homogenise the skin’s surface.

>> Quenched with water, the skin regains a beautifully smoothed micro-profile and its original softness and suppleness.

Moisturising effectiveness proven objectively by corneometry: 

The BB Cream has an instant highly moisturising action (achieving a 73% increase 1 hour after application) that continues throughout the day and for up to 8 hours through the progressive delivery of water “reserves”.

Perfect Glow, protecting natural beauty

Thalgo strengthens its skincare make-up:  SUN’YTOL® 

To protect the skin’s original radiance, and delay the onset of brown spots and other disorders  caused by light-induced ageing, Thalgo’s BB Cream offers daily UV protection with a 100% natural marine sunscreen: Sun’Ytol®.

This innovation, patented by the Thalgo Research Centre, works in association with a  complementary photo-protection system to preserve the skin’s qualities and youthful look.

Thanks to this protection, the skin maintains a regular micro-profile, a smooth and homogeneous surface, optimum hydration and regular cellular cohesion.

• For skin ideally protected from the harmful effects of sun radiation 

Polysiphonia lanosa alga, from which Sun’Ytol® is extracted, synthesises specific amino acids (MAAs)

when exposed to high UV stress.

>> These amino acids absorb the most dangerous sun radiation, thus protecting the plant from light-induced damage.

>> Sun’Ytol® helps protect cellular DNA from UV damage and has a broad UVB and UVA absorption spectrum.

A high-performance formula for a soft and flawless complexion 

The active molecules in Thalgo’s BB Cream recreate a new substance that makes skin appear plumper and enhance its original radiance through coloured light.

Delivered in the form of a skin-embracing powdery emulsion, it offers perfect coverage with an ultranatural finish.

The “second skin” texture evens out and smoothes the skin instantly, for an imperceptible make-up result and an unparalleled nude effect.

Thalgo’s BB Cream comes in 3 shades, with notes of tea and fresh flowers that fuse with all skin tones for a flawless make-up result all day long.

90% of the women who tested it said the BB Cream lasted all

day with no need for touch ups*.


Professional skin-illuminating tips for a radiant complexion and invisible make-up


How do I know which is the right shade of BB Cream for me? 

Although BB Creams blend much more effectively with skin tone than foundations or tinted creams, it is best to do a patch test at the base of the neck and, if in doubt, choose the lighter shade.

What Professional Tips can you give me to make my make-up look invisible? 

For a more even and smoother make-up result, exfoliate your skin regularly. Thoroughly cleanse our skin every day before applying your usual skincare products (serum and/or cream). For make-up that appears imperceptible, apply the BB Cream in 3 stages. Use just enough product for a light and translucent complexion (too much make-up “cakes” the complexion).

At the end of the day, remove all traces of BB Cream from your skin, ideally using a milk followed by a lotion, to thoroughly eliminate the colouring pigments and prisms.

What are your Professional Tips for perfect looking skin? 

To “sculpt” the face, use 2 shades of BB Cream: this will help soften and illuminate any shadows.

Apply the main shade first following the steps described above. Use the lighter shade to add dabs of radiance and to highlight certain areas: gently pat around the eyes (instead of concealer) and onto the prominent parts of the face (forehead, cheekbones, chin and bridge of the nose, depending on the architecture of each individual face) for an ultra-natural, translucent result and beautifully radiant skin.

How do you achieve a lighter make-up look for the summer? 

Immediately after applying your daily skincare products, apply “radiance dabs” of BB Cream to the areas you want to highlight. This will enhance your suntan and give your skin new radiance.

What is the trendy colour this summer for illuminating the face? 

Pink! Whether gently stroked over the cheekbones as a blusher, used as in iridescent gloss on the lips or as a powder eye shadow on the eyelids, this is the colour to choose to enhance every woman’s natural beauty! 

What everyday advice would you give for boosting and preserving skin radiance? 

Above all avoid smoking, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and too much sun, as these suffocate the skin and make it appear dull. Also avoid stimulants, such as coffee and alcohol, which damage the skin’s micro-capillaries and cause redness. Eat foods containing Vitamins C, A and E as often as possible because they supply cells with energy, and are the sentinels of skin’s youth. Magnesium is good for balance and Zinc for cell renewal, to ensure your skin stays looking fresh and to preserve its original radiance.

A unique “Skincare Make-Up” cream with powerful active ingredients for triple RADIANCE effectiveness






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