Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine – Issue 55

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In this issue, themed Spa Business, we examine each aspect of your spa, facilitating new information to increase profitability and employee satisfaction.

“Wellness” has become a very common catchphrase throughout the health and spa industries, encompassing the overall trend toward individual healthy lifestyle changes. Your spa business is the perfect environment for such lifestyle changes to happen, as spas are one of the first locations that come to mind when we think of what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. By effectively offering and promoting spa wellness programs in your business, you may now add a valuable new revenue stream while transforming the lives of many clients. By partnering with experienced consultants you will ensure a successful transformation for your spa.

Additional Spa Business articles include: Reel in Guests with Amazing Spa Packages, Designing a Spa Menu that Sells, Spas Get Social, How Man Friendly is your Spa, Private Labeling of Spa Products, Protect your Reputation, Communication is a Two Way Street , Party with a Purpose, If you have it, They will buy it and Stop Running a Non-Profit Business.

As far as employee satisfaction is concerned, we tend to believe that employees want more pay, better benefits or added responsibility to be happier at work. It is true that we must compensate our employees fairly for the work they do. But by and large, what employees want most is a sense of accomplishment. In the February 2013 issue of Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business School professor and co-author of The Progress Principle Teresa Amabile notes, “Of all the things that contribute to a happy workday, the one thing that stands out … is making progress on meaningful work. Feeling like you are able to move forward on a daily basis engenders real joy.”

Enjoy the read
Dr Nadine de Freitas
(Managing Editor – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques)

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