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BIOEFFECT hampers to the value of R1200


Bioeffect Boxes


The BIOEFFECT skin care products replenish, nourish and repair the look of ageing skin.  Based on 10 years of biotechnology research in Iceland they contain EGF cellular activator, a skin protein which signals the skin to speed up its renewal process. The EGF is copied from human skin and made in barley seeds to ensure maximum efficacy and purity.

The Imbalie Beauty team was very fortunate to travel to Reykjavík, Iceland early in April on an expedition to investigate why the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum has taken the skincare industry by storm. Iceland appears barren and otherworldly, which is in essence what it is – volcanic ash, with a beautiful clean landscape. “We visited one of the three greenhouses used to grow the special crops crucial to the BIOEFFECT EGF serum. As the franchisor of Placecol, the largest chain of skin care clinics, we are serious about innovation and to make sure we assist our clients who are working harder and living longer to always look their very best”; says Esna Colyn the CEO of Imbalie Beauty.

Bioeffect EGF Serum Bottle

The BIOEFFECT EGF Serum, is a product that looks as clear as spring water, and it only contains nine core ingredients. Its company, Sif Cosmetics, produces growth factors for the medical industry for stem cell research. “We have more than 130 human growth factors in the pipeline, and we have put about 42 on the market,” explains Dr Björn Örvar, CEO of Sif Cosmetics. “When we were investigating these growth factors, we saw that there were some companies that were using human growth factors in skincare products and we decided to look into it further.

Growth factors act as chemical messengers for the body, stimulating cell growth and controlling cell differentiation. They are an important part of the immune response and are very important in skin biology.


Les Nouvelles South Africa spoke with Dr Björn Örvar, CEO of Sif Cosmetics, and the company that produces BIOEFFECT EGF Serum.

How did Sif manage to produce a growth hormone without bacteria and retain the efficacy of the final product? 

It is important to Sif that we use scientific methodology. Crucial to the whole venture was finding a way to produce the EGF without using bacteria. It took ten years, but we got there. We developed a system to produce the same growth factors using barley plants, a very effective and economical system which gives us the opportunity to produce the growth factors in a very pure form, explains Örvar. It is synthesised in barley, so the seed can be replanted, with synthesised human DNA.

Each bottle of serum is filled with much more EGF than you would find in another product.

Barley tissue culture IV


Tell us about the process that you use to create the growth hormone. 

We synthesise the gene, implant it into the smallest barley seed and grow the seeds on Petri dishes. These are gradually swapped for larger ones as they mutate into sprouts (that look like watercress), and then into tiny plants with roots. Eventually, they’re ready to be planted in the greenhouse.

Green Factory

They are then planted in inert pumice where only the nutrients added to water is available to them to grow.

Green Factory - inside

There are only nine ingredients in the serum and these ingredients house and support the EGF, as it has a complex 3D structure that is easily damaged and rendered useless by too many chemicals.

The Result

In the end, what is most important is whether the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum works. And it really does. You are just four drops away from beautiful skin with rapid and long-lasting visible results.

• Adds luminosity to induce radiant skin

• Moisturizes at a deep level to for a dewy youthfulness

• Diminishes dry spots and brightens dull skin

• Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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