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babor spa

BABOR SPA strikes a chord – with soothing beauty treatments at the SPA and also with four exquisite product lines to be used at home. The new BABOR body care provides a SPA experience, extending far beyond the moment of indulgence and offers the incomparable luxury of once again becoming completely in touch with yourself.


BABOR SPA strikes an effective chord.


BABOR SPA combines the latest discoveries of stem cell research with exquisite fragrance compositions to create unique SPA enjoyment. BABOR uses the original powers of the centuries old rare fruits, the champagne pears and elsberries to create an active anti-ageing effect. The powerful ingredients extracted from these fruits using stem cell technology are an innovation for the world of skin care: BABOR developed them together with the Fraunhofer Institut exclusively for BABOR SPA. Stem cells are referred to as undifferentiated cells. They can perform the most diverse functions. Stem cells are also found on the basal membrane in the skin. Since they form new skin cells, they are crucial for skin regeneration. Damage to these stem cells by free radicals, for example, slows down the cell regeneration and causes the skin to age. The stem cells from the champagne pear and the Elsberry protect the skin’s stem cells and thus extend their lifespan. In this way BABOR combines anti-ageing body effects with fragrant moments of indulgence.


The four BABOR SPA lines:

BABOR SPA SHAPING FOR BODY – Moulds my inner self. With stem cells from elsberry and additional ingredients to improve your figure.

BABOR SPA ENERGIZING LIME MANDARIN – Awakens my inner self. With stem cells from the champagne pear and energising fragrances.

BABOR SPA RELAXING LAVENDER MINT – Relaxes my inner self. With stem

cells from the champagne pear and calming fragrances.

BABOR SPA BALANCING CASHMERE WOOD – Strengthens my inner self. With stem cells from the champagne pear and warm fragrances.


For more information contact Babor on Tel; 011 467 0110 or visit:


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