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Les Nouvelles Esthetiques caught up with Dr Robert Gobac,
Founder of Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals.

DR. GOBAC is an advanced and scientifically researched skincare range that nurtures and protects your skin while stimulating your skin-repair mechanisms into repairing and regenerating damaged collagen and elastin, thereby ensuring a younger looking skin that will function better on all biological levels.

Using the DR. GOBAC range of skincare treatments you will soon be rewarded with visible results. This is due to the fact that our range incorporates bio-identical lipids, mild surfactants, known-effect botanicals, elastin and biologically advanced ingredients, such as 10-hexapeptide that will boost the production of collagen and elastin therefore ensuring improved skin architecture.

Q.  What was the personal motivation and philosophy behind developing your own range of skincare?

I have been involved with healing people for most of my life, as a medical practitioner as well as naturopathic, or rather to say practitioner of integrated health. Skin as an organ has always been extremely fascinating to me, especially the process of aging and repair, and mechanisms involved. Irrespective of which angle you look at the human organism, it is always possible to stimulate it to repair and cure itself.

It is the body’s inherit ability to restore things to their normality, but often mechanisms and triggers to do so are hidden and need to be “un-locked” through the use of our intellectual and scientific skills and abilities. The main visible sign of skin aging is the reduction in the repair of collagen fibers which comprise the majority of the skin matrix. The cells that are in charge of its production “fall asleep” at about the age of 30, but they don’t die off. With the intelligent introduction of polypeptides in the environment of these cells it is possible to “wake them up” and boost the process of collagen repair at any stage of life. Developing a skin care range that could do all this while assisting people to feel and look younger and healthier was a challenge that I think I completed quite well through the development of Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals.

Q.  You have emphasised the value of peptides  – please share your insights on this topic.

Peptides are the most natural way to stimulate fibroblast cells in the dermis to produce collagen. They are integral part of the collagen fibers and their introduction to the skin has instant healing and repairing effect on almost any structure of the skin matrix. It is basically a natural repair switch that is operating in everybody’s skin every day, but with age its effect is depleted. This is the reason why we try to bring it into the skin to refresh and repair.

Q.  Do you have any predictions for future important ingredients, we need to watch out for?

There are many ingedients that are already on the market, particularly polypeptides, with a variety of effects when it comes to modulating skin health. There are also a lot of new developments regarding nano-particles and growth stimulating factors that will change and alter the  future of skin treatments, from keeping the skin young to repairing pigmentation, scars, burns, even integrity loss of the skin.

Q. In your opinion, what are the most important client skincare concerns at the moment?

Sun damage is by far one of the most important environmental factors that we are faced with today. From direct inflammation to long-term damage, such as pigmentation, skin cancer etc. are all problems that will appear and need attention after uncontrolled sun exposure. Other environmental factors that we are more exposed to are air-conditioning, pollution and the influence of stress hormones, which will all have an array of adverse effects requiring very careful and selective decisions regarding the skin care range and/or therapies that one might need to use.


Q.  How does Dr Gobac differentiate itself from other skincare ranges?

Our skin care range of products is unique in the way that it has combined a wealth of natural ingredients and extracts, from plants from all over the world with the most modern and technologically advanced concepts of modern science. Each product is developed to affect certain functions, to promote healing and prevent aging, while performing repair at the same time.
The range’s active ingredient are carefully selected and planned to give maximum claimed effect in the shortest and healthiest possible time.

This skin care range is based on my own experience as a medical, but also natural practitioner, as well the involvement of all the chemists and scientists that have been integral part of the project in developing this skin care range.
Even though it is one of the most modern ranges it was created to be simple, easy to use and exceptionally health-friendly skin care range.

Q.  2014 – what can we expect to see from Dr Gobac?

Many exciting projects are happening from the research team at Dr Gobac. Some of the very imminent launches are our Youth Range that is designed to address and assist in the treatment of sensitive and problematic teenage and adolescent skin.

We will also be launching new specialized facial treatments that will deal with profound problems of dehydration, toxin accumulation, collagen repair as well as improved metabolism. Further, a more extensive range for the prevention, treatment and repair of the sun damage is going to be the very first one of its kind world wide and will hopefully change our perception and action taken in managing sun exposure and all that goes with it.

For more information contact Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals.
Tel: 011 314 9222
Visit: www.drgobac.co.za

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    I really enjoy Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals rage of products. It is an compact range of products that deliver results.

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