Juliette Armand – Skin Boosters Anti-Surgery System

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Juliette Armand Cosmetics, the company was established in 1992 when chemists Michalis Papaefstratiou and Ioulia Armagou decided to enter the beauty industry, develop new formulas and apply personal values to their laboratory work and professional achievements. In just a few years, the company achieved a leading position among beauty salons and launched exports and partnerships with world renowned beauty institutes.

Skincare is not a matter of vanity, but rather a matter of skin health – Juliette Armand believes that every woman deserves the right to affordable high quality skincare. Featuring three specialist lines of imported luxury cosmetic products – Skin Boosters Anti-Surgery System, Elements of Evolution and SunFilm.
Juliette Armand is pioneering the idea that although the effects of time cannot be stopped, it can be slowed down. Their mission is to slow the effects of the lapse of time on the skin. The scientists at Juliette Armand believe that the skin has moods and they take steps to treat skin individually, beyond the definitions of sensitive, dry and oily, taking a more holistic approach. It is due to this careful and considered approach that they create multidimensional products to achieve maximum results for every woman’s skin mood.

Skin Boosters – Anti-Surgery System

Thanks to 5 Complete systems of SKIN BOOSTERS, using active ingredients that define future Cosmetology, your appointment with plastic surgery is postponed…!

As an example Skin Boosters THAVMA THERAPY is based on the EFFECTOX ™ technology that inhibits the mechanism that is responsible for the creation of expression lines and wrinkles. Additionally it also offers protection from the main types of aging (biological aging, photo-aging).

A 35 minute facial – recommended twice a week to start and then maintenance thereafter, introduces active ingredients with a special applicator, so massaging the molecules into the problem area.  Immediate results are seen and the very trendy medical style packaging, complemented with home care, makes the road of avoiding the plastic surgeon, an absolute pleasure.

For more information contact Poise Brands on Tel:011 033 0500 or visit:www.juliettearmand.co.za


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