Invitation to participate in the SA Spa Association Spa Index 2014, in association with Longevity Magazine

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Your invitation to participate in the the official SA Spa Association Spa Index 2014

– the ultimate showcase of the best spas and spa brands in Africa

This perfect consumer reference, distributed in conjunction with the November Issue of Longevity Magazine, will support all South African Spas and ensure that the consumer enjoys a spa experience, which not only meets international standards but also exceeds clients’ spa expectations in true South African Style.

Longevity Magazine has been published in South Africa for 20 years and is unique in its anti-aging, health and wellness focus. It’s published locally, but available internationally in magazine print format, digital format and content is also available on   The brand focuses on a market of consumers who are concerned about their health as they age and want to ensure they are empowered to understand and manage this process, to live a healthier and ideally longer, life.

In complement, spas offer a precious refuge from a frenzied lifestyle.  A time and place to relax and disconnect from the world as you recharge your mind, body and spirit, and an opportunity to bring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves back into alignment.

In answering the above questions, we have seen a tremendous growth in the spa industry, although spa therapies themselves date back to ancient times, the modern spa with a variety of massages, facials, hydrotherapies, spa cuisine and holistic embracement in a variety of spa packages is quite unique.

The SA Spa Association endevours to grow a trustworthy industry and build confidence in spa therapies, through increased knowledge both for the consumer and the spas themselves.  The launch of the SA Spa Association Spa Index in 2010, an annual publication, has given the opportunity to communicate directly with the consumer, to not only showcase our magnificent spas and spa brands, but provide knowledge about the spa therapies, spa protocols and Spa Association itself.


Spa Index Structure

The Spa Index features 2 components:  Spa Lifestyle and Spa Listings

Spa Lifestyle

This section of the Spa Index contains information on the SA Spa Association, Spa Etiquette, Spa & Wellness Trends, Spa Articles on Hyrdotherapies and Massage Therapies and more ….

Spa Listings

Our spa listings include detailed information on the individual spas with a simple legend index

Every spa listing has a synopsis and photos of the property, spa statistics, including quick facts, information on accommodation, signature treatments, spa facilities and contact information.

All listings are arranged geographically and alphabetically.

All spa listed, additionally receive supporting website presence, so ensuring consumers who read the spa index can locate the respective spas through the SA Spa Association website

Why participate ?

The world of spa is ever increasing in its competitiveness and to ensure your spa remains successful, one need to address the quality of services and spa facilities, attention to detail and most importantly spa marketing.

The SA Spa Association Spa Index provides the ideal platform to ensure your spa name is prominent on people thoughts, your spa brand is consolidated and you are associated with a quality of spa experience the new spa visitor has come to expect.

For more information and rate cards, please contact the SA Spa Association on 011 447 9959 or e-mail:



About the SA Spa Association

The Spa Association is the ambassador for the spa industry, with representation in all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.

The association members are professionals with wellness, health and skincare, healing, medicine or spa experience that will work in partnership to develop and implement approaches that will help shape the future of the South African Spa Industry.

The Association has an important role to:
·         grow  a trustworthy industry
·         educate the spa visitor about the benefits of spa experiences
·         set the guidelines and standards for spa establishments
·         assure certification of Membership

Visit: for more information


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