Les Nouvelles Esthetiques – Issue 60

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Les Nouvelles Esthetiques was established in Paris in 1952 and has grown to a magazine with a worldwide reputation.

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques is a publication dedicated to the up to date knowledge in the world of Spas, Well-being and Beauty and encompasses all aspects of the spa industry: skincare, bodycare, nails, make-up, haircare, spa therapies and business management, with a high fashion feel to complement its contemporary nature.

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Contents Issue 60

Spa of the Month: Legacy Balance; Woodlands Healing Spa 4

New Spas 6

Beauty News 8

Spa News 10

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference 2014 12

Keeping your Spa Business Relevant 16

Family Spas – A new Frontier for Spas 18

Why you need a Mission 22

Reap the Rewards  – Create a profitable retail space in your spa 24

The Power of Curiosity to Grow Your Business 26

Setting Priorities – Organizational Skills and Time Management 30

Five Effective Ways for Keeping Your Spa Team Motivated 34

Online Retailing – Is it helping or hurting your spa business 38

Meet our South African Spa Managers 43

Benchmarking  – Your Spa In Numbers  46

Do You Own a Job or Business? 48


Editor’s Note:

Your Spa in Numbers is the theme of this Issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine, as we are inspired and connect with our speakers at the Spa Conference 2014 and on the pages of the magazine.

Keeping your Business Relevant, Debbie Merdjan shares her insights. “In nature, the plants that survive are the ones that can adapt quickly to changes in nature. Those that can’t adapt quickly enough will vanish. The current financial crisis makes businesses both large and small rethink their future direction. Even 100-year-old companies are learning to adapt and create ways to stay ahead of the game. In Business today we need to face that the future is the future and with the future comes change. It is important to embrace change and understand it. With this comes a lot of fear and often we get caught out because we have blinkers on and don’t adapt to change.”

Gavin Symanowitz invites us to get curious. In the modern world, we never seem to have enough time. Work life is a constant dash between endless meetings and urgent deadlines.  In this mad rush, it’s very difficult to stop, take a step backwards, and ask “Why?” It’s very difficult to spot something unusual and take the time to investigate what’s really happening. Yet the rewards can be tremendous. As the brash tycoon Donald Trump said: “If you really want to succeed … keep up your mental stamina and remain curious.”

Hilda Lunderstedt asks WHY? “The mission must be created by the leader of the organisation. The person who possesses that burning desire to make a difference to the world, not by anyone else.  Your mission is how you or your business changes the world; how it makes the world a better place. That mission comes from the passion you find in the business leader and/or founder.  That very reason you started the business in the first place…. Your WHY!”

We additionally welcome some of the countries top speakers and thank them in advance as we look forward to their insights:  Randall Godden, Debbie Wolfendale, Carina Franck, Esna Colyn, Robyn Hobson, Marc Watson, Gary Rom, Charne le Roux, Pauk Waldeck, Tony Payne, Janine Janse van Rensburg, Dr Karen Horne ….

Laslty, I would like to congratulate all the finalists and winners in the Les Nouvelles Eshtetiques Spa Awards 2014, in advance, as they continue to excel in providing the South African community with the keys to relaxation and wellness. The Spa Awards programme is more than pure recognition of achievement, it sets a benchmark for spas in South Africa, and all the finalists and winners are worthy of this acknowledgment.  Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine – Issue 61, will feature the Spa Awards 2014 in detail.

Enjoy the read.

Dr Nadine de Freitas

(Managing Editor)







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