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QMS has just introduced Skinny Coffee – a fat burning drink made from Green Coffee Beans.


The special ingredients assist in the thermogenesis of the body – increasing the metabolism and burning fat.  The added properties are anti-oxidants to fight free radicals that cause us to age due to stress, pollution and smoke. Lastly, Skinny coffees increase energy.

Skinny Ingredients include:

Green Coffee beans – which has been proven to reduce body weight, body fat, BMI and abdominal and waist circumference in women with a BMI between 22-30kg/m, in an eight week clinical study.

Evodiamine – an appetite suppressant, stimulant and diuretic which reduces the absorption of dietary fat. Thermogenic properties raise the body temperature to increase fat burning in the body.

How to drink Skinny

Skinny is pure with no added fats or sugars. The sachet can be enjoyed on its own with boiling water or with a dash of low fat or fat free milk with a sweetener in the morning. It’s better not to take Skinny after 3pm. Please don’t take Skinny if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

For more information contact FurureThis on Tel: 0860 018 022
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