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Worldwide, stress is the number 1 reason for people visiting a spa and massage is the most commonly requested treatment, as per the Global Consumer Study conducted by ISPA in 15 countries worldwide. With South Africa certainly being no exception to the rule, resulting in the spa industry over the last 15 years showing tremendous growth, not only in the number of spas, but in the diversity of spas and spa therapies available.

As per the Provisional Results from the Intelligent Spa Benchmark Survey in 2014, the spa industry representing a revenue of R 1.2 Billion and employs over 4500 people, with in excess of 2 281 000 spa visits.

This growth has resulted in the necessity to define and unite the spa industry, and ensure a consistent quality spa experience for the spa visitor.

The South African Spa Association – Why Belong

Business and management skills are critical for success and changing trends within the industry demand consistency. Access to resources assist role players in market research, product to market development, and improving industry standards, professional training and education.

If role players do not recognize the significance between the tourism, wellness, health and skincare, healing, medicine and spa communities  demands for quality experience available to spa visitors then sustainability of the industry is at risk. With a commitment to excellence, Spa industry leaders have come together to form The South African Spa Association.

Currently the SA Spa Association represents just over 170 spas and corporate members in South Africa, with that number increasing monthly.

The Objectives

The South African Spa Association is the ambassador for the spa industry, with representation in all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.

The Association will have important roles to:
● Grow a trustworthy industry
● Educate the spa visitor about the benefits of spa experiences
● Build confidence in spa therapies
● Set the guidelines and standards for the establishment of a spa as well as Quality control the spa establishments
● Certification of Membership
● Guide industry research, Identify areas for development and provide Access to research materials
● Create partnerships within allied associations and provide Networking opportunities for members
● Liase with international spa association and respective authorities, ensuring standards are of international level
● Liase with media, creating a public awareness for the South African Spa Association
● Events and Training Courses
● Website, allowing members to be listed, spa information to be shared, Forum and FAQ, with a platform for consumers to voice complaints and complements

Membership Benefits

The list of Benefits to each member of the SA Spa Association is extensive, with new benefits being constantly added, we therefore encourage members to visit the website on a regular basis.

Benefits include:

1. Free listing and webpage on the South African Spa Association.
The SA Spa Association website is dynamic, interactive trade and consumer website, featuring each members of the Spa Association and updated regularly with press releases, new articles, courses, events, new member benefits and more.  

2. SA Spa Association SPA INDEX
Free listing for all member spas and 20% discount on advertising in the Spa Index. The Spa Index is distributed nationally to consumers and bagged with the November Issue of the Longevity Magazine

3. Regional Networking events with guest speakers on a variety of topics to assist spas with their operational, marketing and motivational aspects.

4. A Complimentary Subscription of the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine

5. A FREE Copy of South African Spa Benchmark Report by Intelligent Spas in collaboration with the SA Spa Association (Value: R 5000).

6.  Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference: A discount for all spa association members attending the annual 2 day spa conference.

7. Ongoing Educational Courses: Discounts of up to 20 percent for Spa Association Members.  Examples of Course include:
• TUV Rheinland Inspection Services (Pty) Ltd: Management and Internal Auditing Courses, ensuring your spa operations, policies and procedures are consistent and well managed.
• International Massage Training Courses from the Paris Massage Academy, under the guidance of Olivier Aron
• Health & Safety Level 1 Competency Certificates

8. Spa Association Logo: All Spa Association members are allowed to use the logo during active membership status on website, collateral marketing material, promotions and client communication.  Credibility to the client is established, as each spa is site inspected and confirms to the code of conduct.

Who are members of the South African Spa Association

The association is dedicated to be an accessible and inclusive organization. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the South African Spa Industry, but will be of particular benefit to:
● Spa businesses ● Spa consultants, Architects and Designers ● Spa Product and Service Suppliers● Spa Equipment Suppliers ● Spa Training Providers ● Hoteliers and those in the Hospitality Industry ● Spa Travel agents, Tour operators and others in the Travel and Tourism industry South Africa

Spa Membership Categories & Costs per Year: 2014

The following membership categories have been opened, but provision has been made for additional categories.

Day Spa Membership R1,650.00
Hotel Spa Membership, including safari spas R1,650.00
Medi-Spa Membership R1,650.00
Destination / Stay Spa Membership R1,650.00
Unique Spa Membership, including African spas, Thai spas, Moroccan spas, etc  R1,650.00

Associate Spa Membership
Including beauty institutes and/or skincare centers offering spa therapies R 800.00

Corporate Membership
A company or person that offer products and/or services that deal with the spa industry, including equipment, recruitment, tourism and media R1,850.00
Spa Consultant Membership R1,850.00

Education Provider Membership
A provider that provides accredited education and training programs that deal with the spa industry. R1,850.00

Developmental Spa Membership
Available to a spa under development in the process of attaining the Membership Criteria and Code of Ethics. The proviso of attaining the minimum requirements within 12 months exists.   R 800.00

For more information or an Application Form contact the SA Spa Association on
Tel: 011 447 9959 / 083 267 2773
or email: or visit website:


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