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Skincare pioneer, Dr Des Fernandes launches new book


The book is a clear, concise and reader-friendly explanation of how the skin works and offers an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to understand skin and how to care for and protect it. It looks directly at what the skin requires to be fit, healthy and younger looking.

Based on more than thirty years of research, Dr Fernandes believes that skin can really be better, not just feel better, “Ageing skin is not inevitable, damage can be reversed.”

After witnessing the death of two young patients from skin cancer, plastic surgeon Dr Fernandes was inspired to begin a lifelong study into ways to take care of sun-damaged skin. He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on the use of vitamin A in skincare and his passion is to educate both the public and professionals about its wide-ranging benefits.

Your Skin Factory is 100 pages of simple-to-understand information about your skin, covering topics including:

  • How problem skin and scarring can be radically improved
  • Reversing the effects of sun damage
  • Preventing and improving wrinkles
  • Vitamin A’s fundamental role and how vitamin A-rich skin does not get skin cancer
  • Which supplements help your skin

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