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MoistureSet_002BABOR, the German luxury skincare brand, has launched a secure online shop on their website to provide a convenient and exciting new platform for customers to purchase BABOR products anywhere in South Africa.


Spring 2014 saw the arrival of a brand new online shop hosted on the BABOR South Africa website to provide end consumers with the possibility to purchase any BABOR product with ease. A comprehensive product library is conveniently cross categorised by not only product range name but also skin concern and application area. The guided Product Advisor assists users in identifying individually recommended products based on the answers of carefully selected questions based on age, skin type, environmental factors and routine.


Detailed information including product ingredients, uses and application methods are listed under each product to assist users in selecting the right products and once a purchase has been made the hand packed BABOR product is delivered door to door within 24 hours in major centres anywhere in the country. A minimal delivery fee of R70 is waived for purchases over R1000 and standard return policies are in place for customer peace of mind.


The online store is available at


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