Environ®’s Intensive Revival Masque

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REVIVAL MASQUE blogFights the visible signs of ageing

“The story behind why we developed Revival Masque is that this was my first step in the mission I have to make a skin care product that would give a similar result as a “Face Lift in a bottle”.  I know that this is a preposterous idea, but as a dreamer I decided to pursue it.” Dr. Des Fernandes”

Following his vision and many years of research, Dr. Des Fernandes, Founder and Scientific Director of Environ Skincare has created a revolutionary skin care product that offers the effect of “a facelift in a bottle” – the new Intensive Revival Masque. Fascinated by an ingredient – Asiatic acid, derived from Centella which has been used for centuries in ancient traditional healing, Dr. Fernandes included this in his formula.


Dr. Fernandes’ clinical trials showed that the Asiatic acid together with a combination of other essential ingredients including Mandelic acid and vitamin A, assisted in stimulating collagen production and transforming growth factors. The results of the trials also presented significant visible tightening and smoothing of the skin, as well as the apparent reduction of pigmentation and fine lines.

The Environ® Intensive Revival Masque, with a unique combination of ingredients, targets photo damage and uneven skin texture. It includes partially neutralised lactic acid for its pH effects and its ability to act as a powerful promoter of the skin’s natural hydrating ability, and is also known to lighten and improve skin tone. The Asiatic acid contained in the formula assists to stimulate skin growth and skin regeneration, while the Mandelic Acid has been included for its anti-ageing properties.


The Intensive Revival Masque may safely be used by first time Environ users. When used in combination with Environ’s world-class skincare products, the Revival Masque works to reduce the look of fine lines, helps tighten lax skin and minimise the appearance of scars.

When it is used in conjunction with the Environ® Cosmetic Roll-CIT® instrument, clients may notice quicker and more visible results.


Apply with the spatula provided; the Intensive Revival Masque should be used in the evening. After applying a thin layer, it may be left to dry for a minimum of 20 minutes, removed with a face cloth or cosmetic sponge and followed by your regular Environ regime. More intense effects occur when the product is applied after daily skincare and left on overnight.


Intensive Revival Masque is recommended as an autumn and winter treatment, but may be used all year round provided a broad spectrum sunscreen is applied daily. Consult an Environ skincare professional for advice on which products to use in conjunction with the Intensive Revival Masque and to find out when to increase vitamin A levels.

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