2015 BABOR Advent calendar – Boost your beauty day by day

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Adventskalender liegend_2015_100When it comes to luxury gifts, the BABOR Advent calendar sets the mood for the most beautiful time of the year – a time filled with anticipation. Each day from 1st to 24th December, you can open one of the calendar’s windows and discover the surprise concealed behind it – a BABOR active ampoule.


A gift should always be beautifully wrapped because unwrapping a present is itself a joyful experience. It starts off with the visual appeal. Then you hold the gift in your hands. A moment’s pause while you consider how to open it. The excitement grows. Then you feel a rush of happiness when you finally see what is inside.


When it comes to happiness, giving a gift has the same effect as receiving one! The BABOR Advent calendar is the perfect answer! It is full of desirable gifts and, for the first time, it also contains BABOR’s bi-phase ampoules for miraculously glowing skin.


DOCTOR BABOR Glow Booster leaves skin feeling soft and also adds freshness and radiance to the complexion, just in time for the festive period.


BABOR ampoules round off this 24-day course of intensive treatments to give you added sparkle in the run-up to Christmas. Retail selling price R1350.00


The BABOR Advent Calendar at a glance:

2 x Hydra Plus Active Fluid: A rejuvenating thirst quencher for every skin type that needs moisture.

Hyaluronic acid provides a generous amount of moisture and binds it to the skin.

3 x Algae Active Fluid: A pure wave of fresh moisture with the power of the sea. Natural plankton

and algae extracts cleanse the skin.

2 x Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid: the oxygen shower for dry, tired skin. Activates cellular respiration

and protects the skin against environmental stressors.

3 x Triple Booster Fluid: the personal trainer to “reboot” skin functions. With its triple action, it boosts

the skin’s barrier functions, activates skin renewal and creates a moisture reservoir for “drought


2 x Collagen Booster Fluid: Stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production function and

reorganises the collagen fibres in a regular, stable matrix.

2 x 3D Lifting Fluid: Combats the skin’s natural aging process in three dimensions. Wrinkles are

reduced, the tissue is tightened and the contours are strengthened.

3 x Lift Express Fluid: The depth of gravity and facial expression wrinkles is reduced. Smoothens

wrinkles immediately and prevents the skin from losing moisture.

3 x HSR Glamour Fluid: Special tightening version for the Advent calendar! Gold particles give the

skin a fine sheen, while liquid gold stimulates cell activity.

2 x Ultimate Glow Booster Bi-Phase: Two phases and a revolutionary breakthrough in lipid

research: The instant effects of an ampoule and that perfect feeling after applying cream to your skin.

2 x SeaCreation The Serum: Luxury care with highly effective agents from the deep sea which pamper the skin and highlight its beauty.

For more info: BABOR South Africa ∙Tel.: 011 4670110 or visit: www.babor.co.za

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