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Sublime skin group
Sublime Skin is the new integrated programme of homecare, professional treatments and lifestyle recommendations developed by Comfort Zone to correct the visible signs of the structural degeneration of the skin architecture. Sublime Skin effectively restores the three skin pillars, water, proteins and lipids for a deep renewal and an active lifting from within.

The absence of silicones represents a true innovation to ensure all formulas are active on the skin. Silicones have been replaced by a blend of natural oils and butters to protect and nourish the skin.

Developed in collaboration with Doctor Mariuccia Bucci, Nutridermatologist, Doctor Massimo Gualerzi, Cardiologist, and Doctor Claudia Aguirre, Neuroscientist and Skincare Expert, the line builds on solid scientific foundations.
Drawing inspiration from the most successful dermatological rejuvenating procedures of hydro-filler, lipo-filler and advanced peels, Sublime Skin delivers immediate and visible results, without compromising on safety and pleasantness.

The results of the advanced research between the R&D and the Scientific Committee are three-fold:

• The exclusive ARCHI-LIFT™ TECHNOLOGY, a combination of active ingredients that work in synergy on the three pillars of water, proteins and lipids, for an active lifting from within.

• An innovative approach of modular, stronger peels for a deep skin renewal without downtime or risk of irritation.

• Skin re-plumping lifestyle tips to fight degener-aging™ from within, thanks to the collaboration of Doctor Massimo Gualerzi, wellbeing expert and promoter of healthy and sustainable living.

• DIY ACTIVE LIFT MASSAGE developed with Antonella Latilla, International spa treatment development and Education master. A mini facial everyday routine to maximize the benefit of Sublime Skin range.

As an additional tool Comfort Zone’s YouTube channel has the “DIY ACTIVE LIFT MASSAGE, an everyday self-massage technique, inspired by the professional facial that helps detoxify, oxygenate and lift the skin for visible and long-lasting results. Ten easy steps to maximize the benefits of the Sublime Skin home care treatment and to treat your skin to a mini facial every day.

For more information and availability contact [Comfort Zone] on
011 791 3567 or visit: www.comfortzone.it

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