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TEAM DR JOSEPH are convinced that in the 21st century, high performance skin care innovations can only come from professional teams. TEAM DR JOSEPH’S researchers and developers have formulated organic ranges with the individual’s needs, wants, and skin types of their clients in mind. The finest inventive ingredients have been brought together with the team’s pioneering spirit, to create a unique brand of outstanding quality. TEAM DR JOSEPH’S ethos is built on the principle of the three pillars i.e. respect, responsibility and honesty – promising to always do their best

Only the best of two worlds:
Two worlds meet: ancient wisdom and the latest scientific findings – in the creation of TEAM DR JOSEPH. Their products contain the purest materials and the finest technology, the genius of nature and sophisticated know-how.

For the TEAM DR JOSEPH “quality” means connecting these two worlds with respect, to connect the natural balance of the skin with harmonious and synergistic products. That is why every package from TEAM DR JOSEPH says “high-tech natural cosmetics“. It is their commitment to curiosity and experience, to past and future. They connect them with passion and respect, with logic and intuition – the best of both worlds.

No laboratory is greater than their garden.
Nothing is more important to us than carefully capturing nature’s diversity and creativity. That is the only way to make their products so high-quality.
If you deal with plants every day, you will be quickly humbled by their structure, soul and active substances. The most expensive laboratory in the world cannot keep up with the intelligence of a plant. That is why nothing is more important than capturing the creativity and diversity of nature as carefully as possible. There is a touch of awe in the air when the team work in the garden. When selecting ingredients, they place the highest value on purity, quality and sustainable biological cultivation. They check every manufacturer and prefer ingredients grown in the wild. The certifications of their products are of the highest quality. They are not only responsible to their discerning customers, but to their greatest model – nature.

For more information contact FutureThis on Tel: 0860 018 022
or visit: www.futurethis.co.za


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