LNE Spa Magazine – Issue 68

| February 23, 2016

Cover#68 2016


The theme of this issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine is Anti-ageing. “Man’s perpetual desire to counter this ageing process has been engrained in our DNA for millennia. More than 3000 years ago, Queen Nefertiti was arguably one of the most powerful and mysterious women in ancient Egypt and to this day she remains a global icon of feminine beauty.“ As quoted by Dr Mark Steinmann, 15 on Seventh Medical Spa – winner of the Spa Awards 2015, Aesthetic Institute Category. Explore this theme with a number of articles such as: What causes Skin Ageing, Glucose Damage, Activating your Longevity Genes, Ageing Gracefully – The Ayurvedic Way, Treatment Combinations, Anti-aging Foods, and more.


Anti-age your spa business, ensuring you are up to date with the Spa Finder’s Spa and Wellness Forecast for 2016, GWI’s identified 10 Spa Industry Shifts, and Redefine Workplace Wellness, ending with Gratitude.


Dates to diarise: Spa Awards 2016 Entries Deadline – 29 April 2016, Global Wellness Day – 11 June 2016, Spa Conference 2016 – 24 & 25 July 2016.


New Spas 2

Beauty News 4

Spa News 8

Spa & Wellness Forecast 2016 10

What Causes Skin Ageing? 12

Activate Your Longevity Genes 14

Glucose Damage 16

Anti-ageing Treatments 18

Anti-Ageing Secrets of the Stars 22

Ageing Gracefully – The Ayurvedic Way 24

The Best Foods for Your Anti-Ageing Diet? 26

Subscription Promotion 29

Your Personal Ecosystem 30

Interview: Anti-ageing Trends I n South Africa for 2016 32

Your ultimate guide to ageless makeup 34

Create the Perfect Treatment by combining Powerful Ingredients and Technology!   38

South African Spa Association 40

Redefining Workplace Wellness 42

Top 10 Future Shifts in Wellness 44

Building Your Team 46

Choosing to be Grateful creates Happiness 48


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