Global Wellness Day on 11 June 2016

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The South African Spa Association joins 74 Countries and 6000 spa properties celebrating Global Wellness Day on 11 June 2016

This year’s theme is “Wellness for Everyone!’’


The South African Spa Association “Says Yes” to Global Wellness Day, a one-day event / awareness campaign celebrating health and wellbeing, taking place this June 11th.

Have you ever thought about it… there are more than 7 billion people on the earth. But there is only one dream shared across dozens of cultures: living well. All of us would like to be healthier, to look better, and to live in physically and mentally good conditions.

It was with these thoughts that “Global Wellness Day” was born, and introduced five years ago.

Global Wellness Day is based on the simple premise of increasing global consciousness of living a better life, even if it’s just for one day, by drawing a focus on healthier lifestyle choices.

The non-profit project created by Belgin Aksoy five years ago is being embraced by the spa and wellness world and has now also been accepted as a Global Wellness Institute initiative. Belgin, who came up with an idea to combat depression and unhappiness by promoting the importance of living well, says, “We’ve honored almost everything which is valuable to us with a special day, so why not have one that’s dedicated to the universally accepted importance of wellness?”

“Global Wellness Day is now recognised as an agent of change and transformation,” said GWD international co-ordinator Jean Guy de Gabriac.

“Living a life with wellness at its core is the guiding principle of our organization which is why we “Say Yes” to Global Wellness Day and are proud that many in our Institute network, including the South African Spa Association are embracing this important campaign,” said Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute.

The campaign challenges people to change one aspect of their lives for a day and outlines seven steps to better wellness: What will you say “yes” to today?

– Drink more water

– Walk for an hour

– Shop locally & eat organically

– Stop using plastic bottles

– Do a good deed

– Eat a family dinner

– Go to bed at 10pm


Global Wellness Day enjoys the support from a number of celebrities and personalities, including Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell from Modern Family, Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live, Josh Charles from The Good Wife and many more celebreties.


Participating South African Spas on the 11 June 2016 will be offering a selection of awareness activities and treatment offerings, as we stand united with thousands of spas and wellness organizations in more than 74 countries from Turkey to Thailand to support proactive wellness.

Join The Oyster Box Spa, Four Season Spa – Westcliff, Simola Spa & Gym, Mommy Wellness, Camelot Spa Group, Spa Royale, Sinzinsani Spa, Fresh Wellness Spa at Cellar-Hohenort, Cape Grace Spa, Fresh Wellness at the Plettenburg, Spiral Aloe / Africology Medi-Spa, The Spa Warehouse, Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Spa, One & Only, Urban Bliss, Langaro Lifestyle Centre to name a few ….. to celebrate Global Wellness Day.

Visit the South African Spa Association Facebook page for more information on participating spas.


About the Global Wellness Institute: The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is an international think tank that brings together leaders from the private and public sector to positively impact and shape the future of the wellness industry. The GWI is considered the leading global research and educational resource for the $3.4 trillion wellness industry, and, the world’s first online portal to the medical evidence for common wellness approaches, is a GWI initiative


About the South African Spa Association: The South African Spa Association is the ambassador for the spa industry, with representation in all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.


The Association will have important roles to:

  • Grow a trustworthy industry
  • Educate the spa visitor about the benefits of spa experiences
  • Build confidence in spa therapies
  • Set the guidelines and standards for the establishment of a spa as well as Quality control the spa establishments
  • Certification of Membership
  • Liase with international spa association and respective authorities, ensuring standards are of international level
  • Liase with media, creating a public awareness for the South African Spa Association

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