BABOR’S REVERSIVE Anti-Aging Overnight Mask

| January 25, 2017 | Comments (0)

babor-reversive-anti-aging-overnight-mask 1It’s simple. Now you can not only dream of perfect skin but also wake up with it. The REVERSIVE Anti-Aging Overnight Mask lets your beauty dreams come true. As a night time mask, it understands the skin’s biological clock and supports the skin’s natural repair mechanisms precisely when they need it. While we sleep, the skin’s regeneration and recovery processes work flat out.


The rich, cream mask contains selected, effective active REVERSIVE ingredients. Telovitin, an active cell-protecting ingredient based on Nobel Prize-winning research, combats skin aging right at its source: in cellular activity. By protecting the telomeres, or chromosome endings, it extends the life cycle of skin cells. Agicyl, a multifunctional active ingredient prevents glycation of collagen fibers, thus enabling the skin to remain elastic. It also allows the longevity gene SIRT-1 to reach its full potential, and boosts the skin’s detox systems. Meanwhile, Epocyl, an active marine ingredient, settles on the surface of the skin and fills in wrinkles and uneven skin texture, with instantly visible results. With this effective combination of active ingredients, the mask makes sleep the ultimate luxury.

For more information contact Babor on Tel: 011 467 0110

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