5 Ways to Balance Inner Peace

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yogaInner peace is a most valuable commodity. We are constantly searching for peace, often defining peace as the absence of stress – but what we are really doing is searching for relief from our problems. The truth is, we can still have problems and be at peace!
Peace is not a passive state where everything is perfect. Instead, it’s awareness of what’s going on, and a choice to be in a state of inner calm, clarity and balance.
When you think about being at peace, you probably think in terms of escaping your problems. Maybe you go to the spa. Or take a run. Or go on vacation. Or sleep in. But these escapes are only temporary.
So how can you become a “Zen master” who can be calm no matter what is going on?
1. Control what you can.

For the rest… just breathe. Acceptance of a situation doesn’t mean “it’s okay” – it means, “it is what it is.” Next time you find yourself stuck in a worry loop, breathe. Breathe more deeply than usual, and focus on the sensation of breathing. There you go… right here, right now, you are okay and all of the chaos around you… probably doesn’t exist… it probably only lives in your mind… keep breathing…

2. Watch the mental chatter.

Our inner dialogue tends to run all day long, and most of the time we don’t even notice that we’re repeating thoughts that center on our problems. That’s natural because it’s the brain’s job to fix problems, but the problem is that we try to solve the problems using thought habits that are focused on what’s wrong, not on what can be done. Much of our self-talk is also highly critical. Imagine if your best friend constantly criticized and judged you – of course you wouldn’t feel very peaceful! Practice talking about the ideal situation, and practice talking to and about yourself with unconditional love, compassion and acceptance.
3. Position your way to inner peace.

Your body language is influenced by your thoughts, and vice-versa! You can actively change your emotional state by changing your physical state. Instead of shrinking from your problems, stand tall, keep your eyes straight ahead and physically face your problems head-on. Instead of making yourself feel small by curling up in a protective position (by crossing your arms and legs), open your stance – yes, uncross those arms and get them off your chest. Drop your shoulders, open your chest. and open your hands. Relax those clenched fists, stop playing with your hair or clothing, and deliberately open your palms forward and upward in a gesture of openness (openness to love) and a gesture of helpfulness.

4. Smile!

You may not know this, but we are hard-wired to feel better when we see other people smiling. You can trick your brain into feeling happier and more peaceful, when you smile at yourself in the mirror. Hold a smile for at least 2 minutes (don’t worry if it starts out fake!) to elicit this powerful physiological response of wellbeing!

5. Meditate.

Meditation is the fastest path to inner peace – not in a “chasing inner peace” kind of way, but in an allowing way. During meditation, it’s natural for the mind to wander and it usually wanders right back into problems that center around attachment. We are often attached to people, situations and our own beliefs. We either have something and fear losing it, or we don’t have something and aren’t happy without it. In meditation, we learn to live without attachments. This doesn’t mean we stop caring, it just means we stop living with the anxiety and dissatisfaction of “needing” something and not having it (or fearing losing it). Meditation helps us eliminate our attachments – enjoying the presence or existence of someone/something, but not “needing” it. Get started with the easiest, most pleasurable meditation tool on the planet


SalochaneeSalochanee Reddy, Holistic NLP Life Coach – Professional Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Chopra Certified Teacher, Certified NLP Coach and Certified Ayurvedic Body Therapist and in the process of obtaining Doctoral, PHD in Holistic Life Coaching with the University of Sedona, USA.

I specialize in Holistic Wellbeing which is improving all dimensions of health – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

My journey: I turned to holistic therapies in 2009 when I had many health challenges myself. This led me to restore my body’s balance and health through diet, natural medicines and therapies whilst improving my lifestyle.
The first step of my personal development began when I read the book, Perfect Health by Dr Deepak Chopra. I was very excited to find out about how our mind affects our body.
I was fortunate to obtain Perfect Health and Meditation Teacher qualification with Dr Deepak Chopra University in California.
It helped me to have a better understanding of myself and others whilst creating balance in my own life. It provided me with the tools and techniques to help people move forward in their lives.
I developed a passion for learning and went on to study Ayurvedic Body Treatments, Life Coaching, Counselling and currently completing Doctoral PHD Program in Holistic Life Coaching with the University of Sedona, Arizona USA. I gained a wealth of knowledge and through my own personal development, now assist others to live a happy, healthy, successful life.

Contact Salochanee Reddy on salochanee@eqevents.co.za or visit: www.eqcentre.co.za

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