LNE Spa Magazine – Issue 72

| March 6, 2017

The theme of this issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine is Anti-ageing Strategies. Wrinkles, altered pigmentation, loss of skin tone… we all associate these changes with skin ageing. Age-related skin changes are the result of genetically programmed changes (intrinsic factors) and environmental wear-and-tear on the skin (extrinsic factors). While both influence the skin’s structure and function, extrinsic factors cause more pronounced changes. Explore the latest scientific research on treatments, ingredients, supplements, and the relationships between the body’s systems, more than the individual systems themselves such as the ongoing dialogue between skin and the brain. Introduce Aesthetics into your spa menu, without losing your spa essence, with the assistance of articles on design, marketing and training.



Spa of the Month: Saxon Spa 2

Beauty News 4

New Spas 8


Spa News 10


Eight Wellness Trends for 2017 12

Skin and the Brain: Uncovering New Links 14

What Causes Skin Ageing? 16

Power Ingredients 18

Face Neck & Décolleté 20

Terres d’Afrique 22

Menopausal Skin 24

Black Pearl and Valley Lodge & Spa 26

Aesthetic Supplements 28

Antibiotics and the Skin You’re In 30

Spa Cuisine 32

Introducing Advanced Aesthetics to your Spa 34

Marketing Anti-ageing 36

Aesthetic Staff Training and Development 38


South African Spa Association 40


Global Mentorship Program 42


Building and Sustaining Success Through Client Surveys 44


Expenses or Debts 46

How Much Exercise Do We Need? 48


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