The Apilus Technology

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The Apilus manufactured by Dectro International and distributed by The Laser Beautique is able to offer Thermocoagulation to treat spider veins and a host of other skin imperfections, such as cuperose, telangiectasia, pigment spots, milia, cherry angiomas, skin tags and more. The Apilus is the only device able to reach 27,12MHz, as opposed most devices that offer 4MHz or possibly 13,5MHz. The increased speed of current means the treatment is more precise, resulting in less collateral damage to surrounding tissue, less redness and quicker healing time for clients.

Thermocoagulation utilizes the high frequency current to discharge pin point heat energy to treat skin imperfections and collapse spider veins upon contact while preserving the epidermis. The treatment is extremely safe, virtually pain free and unlike other treatments does not pose risks of heat blisters or scarring.

The Apilus, has also revolutionised permanent hair removal by addressing the limitation of being able to successfully treat white, grey, blonde and ginger hair on all skin types with reinvented electrolysis, using the insulated probe to deliver pain and scar free electrolysis. The insulated probe also provides a controlled current, directed to the specific follicle, without travelling past it, thus eliminating the orange peel effect that conventional electrolysis created. Additionally the Apilus will be able to offer precision treatments, so you will even be able to offer permanent brow shaping, permanent hair removal in tricky areas and easy treatment of skin anomalies in difficult areas.

The Apilus and all Dectro technology is exclusively distributed in South Africa via The Laser Beautique Franchise. All queries can be directed to or 0860 850 851.

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