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New African Extracts Daily Repair Facial Oil also contains a cocktail of other precious plant extracts known for their moisturising, restoring and protective properties. Jojoba seed oil for superb moisturising, squalene from olives that mimics this essential lipid within the skin’s own tissue to maintain the skin’s suppleness ‘and radiance, as well as resist wrinkles and dark spots, and Neem seed oil used in India for thousands of years to treat skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. German chamomile, mostly known for its anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties, conditions and revives, while geranium oil tightens and firms to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rose oil has antibacterial properties and lavender oil protects against the effects of UV radiation.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to put your face inside an age-defying bubble to protect it from the damaging effects of daily life? Exposure to bright African UV rays not only cause wrinkles over time, but also dark spots and uneven pigmentation. This is exacerbated by the effects of hormone and common medication.


Growing levels of pollution – microscopic particles of heavy metals and toxic gases in the air – enter through the pores and disrupt the skin’s natural ability to repair and regenerate.


One solution is to restore and repair damage on a daily basis. African Extracts Rooibos has a powerful protective defense mechanism against the rigours of daily life – Bio-Active Rooibos, a green extract of the rooibos plant that is exceptionally high in antioxidants. Harvested and processed at source in the Cederberg mountains, this narrow-leafed fynbos plant has adapted to the harsh climate – with soaring daytime temperatures – by producing high levels of antioxidants.

Renowned for its health benefits Rooibos research is now examining its ability to reduce and reverse the effects of sun damage on the skin – even its ability to prevent cancerous cells developing.



Launched 15 years ago, African Extracts Rooibos is the leading local brand in its category (FMCG) and one of the only volume brands endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty for no animal testing. It competes successfully against mega-international brands, L’Oreal, Nivea, Ponds and Johnsons.

“As we celebrate 15 years since the launch of African Extracts Rooibos, we are pleased to report continuing sales growth of over 25% per annum – well above the industry average. This is testimony to our philosophy of providing our customers with high quality, affordable products that celebrate our unique Rooibos benefits while competing successfully with the world in terms of efficacy and innovation.”

Rob Tiffin, CEO African Extracts

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