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A hidden jewel quietly tucked away in Lenasia, Johannesburg, the Skin Syndicate offers a relaxing haven catering for hair, beauty and aesthetic treatments as well as ozone therapy and a nail profiling station. Ensuring the highest level of professionalism from all staff, their promise to deliver an ultimate experience focusing on customer needs, is most evident as they uphold their service excellence. Owner, Farhad Gattoo has been inspired to create a relaxing unique spa experience and in so doing has incorporated the Black Pearl Facial treatments as part of his menu. The Black Pearl Products and treatments fit perfectly to this haven of modern sophistication and comfort, where a relaxing, timeless spa experience is captured.

I experienced the Lux Luminesence Facial by Black Pearl and was blown away with the results. The facial is especially created to evoke a quiet sense of relaxation allowing you time to step out of your hectic schedule to switch off while affording your skin the luxury to regenerate and lighten. The luxury Black Pearl facial mousse cleanser gently cleanses and leaves your skin feeling like silk. But this is only the start. Two masks are used in this treatment. The first one is a thermal mask which is applied to heat up your skin, ensuring that a gentle exfoliation can take place to remove imperfections, impurities and dullness. A gentle tingling feeling can be experienced. A Prestige Capsule (no parabens, no preservative and perfume free) is applied. This is a rich vitamin and omega boost and one can feel your skin being nourished as a lymph drainage facial massage with precious stones is performed to continue the removal toxins and impurities. The rhythmical massage enhances your relaxing, rejuvenating journey. The second mask – Perla Blanca is applied and this brightens and lightens pigmentation and compliments the thermal mask, to create a radiant even skin tone. While the mask was doing its magic, I was treated to a double luxury massage of both my hands and feet. Relaxation pure and my stresses were massaged away. The treatment ended with a neck and décolleté cream application and hyaluronic serum is applied to ensure hydration is complete. The results are amazing and my skin felt so supple and completely nourished- not to mention a lighter hue. The beauty about this treatment is that you not only emerge with a radiant skin and lighter pigmentation but you also feel totally relaxed. True to their customer promise -a home prescription of products is recommended for continued results to reduce pigmentation. – Celeste Peters

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