TheraVine unveils Ice Crystal Technology

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TheraVine unveils Ice Crystal Technology

Inspired by the discovery of the super natural survival powers of one individual algae and an extraordinary flower in the harshest conditions on earth, the TheraVine™ laboratories have mastered the art of extracting the breakthrough technology hidden in ice crystal technology combined with the splendour of stem cells and turned it into premium time resistant skin care. TheraVine™ used this unique phyto substance of snow algae powder with specialised properties which protect and activate the longevity factors in skin cells. In doing so, Ice Crystal Technology rejuvenates and protects the skin at cellular level and strengthens the cells’ defence mechanism by reducing its caloric output which allows it to survive far beyond normal expectation.

The collection boasts 3 revolutionary products: Multi-Perfection Eye Cream, Sculpting Neck Volumator and Superdefence Skin Densifier.

What makes the collection truly remarkable, is how key ingredients from the snow algae powder and plant stem cells are transferred to the skin allowing the skin to become more resistant to the assaults of the environment. By fortifying the skin, the actives contained in the complex not only wears off the daily aggressors of life such as pollutants, sleep deprivation, stress and poor dietary habits, it also accelerates cell renewal and increases skin hydration while protecting the skin’s DNA and in doing so, results in a skin that looks younger for longer – the most revolutionary Theravine trio of skincare to date.

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