TheraVine: NEW LAUNCH – Tri-Active Hydrating Night Cream

| March 6, 2018

Our Super Hydrating Day Cream meets her Tri-Active Hydrating Night Cream
in shining armour…

During the day, your day cream’s main function is to defend your skin, but at night, it’s an entirely different ball game. Wouldn’t you want a treatment product that helps restore the skin´s ability to hold its own moisture, enhances firming and lift for smoother, more wrinkle-free skin all while you are peacefully dreaming?
Think about it – what does our skin need most at night? Just like your body needs sleep to replenish its energy, restore the day’s wear and tear and recharge the brain, so does your skin which is why we apply our most valuable ingredients at night.
Rest peacefully and erase the day’s impact with the Tri-Active Hydrating Night Cream. While your body recovers, this multi-functional cream waves its magic wand and in an almost fairytale unreal way, creates youthfully radiant skin like that of a princess. No wonder we call this our Super Hydrating Day Cream’s knight in shining armour.
Upon application, this innovative metamorphoses night cream transforms from a light soufflé to a luxuriously smooth multi-functional protective treatment which helps increase skin hydration, provide anti-aging benefits and increase skin firmness.
Amongst other ingredients, the Tri-Active Hydrating Night Cream owes its name to the incredible Trimoist 3-step moisturising system, supporting all three elements of the skin’s own moisture balance. This ingredient however takes revolutionary to the next level as not only is it moisturising, it is also anti-ageing, improves skin firmness, increases skin protection and has anti-glycation properties which means that it prevents loss of skin elasticity.
One ingredient in this magnificent treatment cream does all this, yet it gets even better…
The secret magic power of this cream further lies in the incredible versatility of Niacinimide PC, more commonly known as Vitamin B3. With a multi-level approach to youthful skin, this agent not only helps increase fibroblast stimulation but actually also the secretion of collagen which means it helps to restore the imbalances caused by
the skin’s ageing process. Furthermore, the epitome of radiant skin is adequate moisture levels which is why this ingredient’s ability to soothe and reduce transepidermal water loss comes in particularly handy while Tri-Moist rebalances the skin’s moisture levels. To top it all, we further reverse the effects of time by reducing the
appearance of age spots and restoring the skin’s luminosity. You’ll wake up to virtually glowing skin.

We recommend you apply the treatment cream to the face and neck, over the desired Pinotage Face Oil and Face Speciality Serum of your choice. Don’t fall for any fly by night cream, choose the Tri-Active Hydrating Night Cream. Just like the transformation of your cream, prepare to be amazed by the transformation of your skin.
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