LNE Spa Magazine – Issue 75

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Reinvent your Spa is theme of this Issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine, as we are inspired and connect with our speakers at the Spa Conference 2018

To most business owners who have spent years or decades and hundreds of thousands of Rands, building their brand and developing a client base, tossing it all away to reinvent your business probably seems like the height of insanity. And if you do it on the fly or haphazardly, it probably is. But there are many reasons to tweak your business model–or to try out a whole new one–that make perfect sense. If you do it thoughtfully, it could be the best business decision you ever make. Here’s our guide to reinventing your business, one smart step at a time.

Enjoy the read.

Dr Nadine de Freitas

Managing Editor



Spa Conference 2018 2

Eight Wellness Trends for 2018 18

ATP and Cellular Ageing 22

Wellness and Happiness 26

A Guide To Facial Devices 28

Men’s Skin Care 30

Global Wellness Day 33

Be the Reason for CHOICE not Change! 34

Build a Culture and Community Before You Build a Company 36

Don’t Forget To Train Your Staff 38

Quality Audits Matter 40

Handling ‘Colourful’ Conversations with Guests 42

Retail Success 44

A Five-Step Guide to Reinventing Your Business 46

SA Spa Association 48


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