Juliette Armand

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Synergise Spa proudly presents you with… Juliette Armand SKINBOOSTERS & AMESON Mesotech Therapy

SKINBOOSTERS Anti-surgery systems brings you the revolution in Cosmetology Science and assures our commitment in providing you with high-end, top quality products capable of maximising efficacy in a safe and natural way. SKINBOOSTERS is your alternative to plastic surgery. Taking science forward, with AMESON skin medical series, bringing all the benefits of science to medical aesthetics products. The name AMESON inspired by the Greek word “AMESOS”(Immediately) underlines our commitment to medical aesthetics skincare with immediate results. Hyaluronic Acid, is the starting point and foundation stone of the entire AMESON range.

Contact Details:
Tel: Verna Maree 073 748 7789 or email: verna@juliettearmand.co.za.

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