QMS Medicosmetics Pure Oxygen Treatment

| August 25, 2019


The QMS Medicosmetics Pure Oxygen Treatment breathes new life and lift into your skin through this advanced treatment, specifically designed to promote skin cell regeneration at a deep level. A focussed stream of 98% pure oxygen is channelled onto the skin surface, through the customized Energy Applicator, an ultimate skin boost with immediate results: Skin is intensively hydrated, appears more youthful and fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. An endorsed favourite of celebrities such as Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake.

When working in the field of trauma surgery, Dr. med. Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics became involved in researching wound healing. At that time surgery could reconstruct the shape of the face but skin remained scarred and damaged. So Dr Schutte turned to science to look for a suitable technique to re-introduce natural soluble collagens topically and boost skin regeneration. This collagen-enhancing process became the foundation of QMS Medicosmetics and is still regarded as an iconic innovations in the beauty sector. “Advancing the science of skincare is more than a passion for me; it is my life´s work and the foundation of QMS.”

Every treatment begins with Deep Cleansing, followed by the Exfoliant Fluid. This fluid contains fruit acids and enzymes which gently removes dead skin cells, diminishes wrinkles and unblocks pores. Thereafter, enjoy the ALGAE MASK – a cool and calming mask, spread lavishly over the face, which is not only exfoliant and therapeutic, but the revealer of all skin truths beyond expectation (and at my age, too many to share). Followed by DAY COLLAGEN then HO2 HYALURON OXYGEN SERUM using a concentrated spray / stream of oxygen to puff onto the skin with the applicator pistol. The hyaluronic acid within the serum instantly fills fine lines and wrinkles. The combination of hyaluronic acid and oxygen left me with skin that was plumper, healthy looking and visibly younger. To finish off this wonderful experience a moisturiser and an eye cream was applied – Dr Nadine de Freitas

For more information, please contact: !QMSMedicosmetics on Tel: 0860 018 022 or visit: www.futurethis.co.za

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