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Beauty Worx, owned by Tracey Clark, has been appointed as the new distributor for Juliette Armand in South Africa.

Juliette Armand was established in 1992, when chemists Ioulia Armagou and Mihalos Papaefstratiou decided to become involved in the beauty industry, to explore new formulas and to present their personal values to laboratories. That is how Juliette Armand, The Personal Professional Skincare came into being, to create innovative cosmetics, based on scientific research.

Juliette Armand’s focus is on trying to obtain maximum efficient formulations, to meet the high standards of professional skincare. Internationally The Juliette Armand brand name and the Elements, Skin Boosters, SunFilm and Ameson series have gained a strong position at beauty centres and are already present in more than 30 countries around the world.

The Skin Boosters range is the newest edition to the Juliette Armand Professional Skincare line. The renewed Skin Boosters line is based on innovative ingredients and technology. Offering the Aesthetics industry the technology to offer top of the range In-Salon Treatments, so effective ….. You’re appointment with the plastic surgeon is postponed!

The idea is based on encapsulation of active ingredients in an inert polymer (capsule) and on the binding of specific peptides to its outer surface. The ligands, act as navigators to lead the capsule to target cells and bind to their receptors and therefore penetration of the active components into the epidermis will occur. Three types of skin celles are targeted (Fibroblasts, skin neurons, adipocytes).

With the onboarding of Juliette Armand, Beauty Worx also introduced the Ameson Mesotech and Ameson Mesopeel ranges from Juliette Armand.

Mesotech is a complete medical series for microneedling, ‘Amesos” meaning immediately in “Greek” therefore offering immediate results for needling treatments. The Ameson Mesopeel Therapy range offers an organic chemical peeling system, aimed at rejuvenating, in particular focusing on, normalising, activating, hydrating and enhancing the skin’s glow and texture.


For more information and what it can offer your establishment please contact Tracey or Verna.

Tracey: 083 460 1217 – tracey@beautyworx.co.za

Verna: 082 415 3980 – verna@juliettearmand.co.za



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