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| April 2, 2020

It is of immense importance to provide a fast, cost effective, safe, and readily available pharmaceutical solution to curb SARS-CoV-2’s rapid spread around the globe. Dr Markus Depfenhart from Hamburg Germany, the Chief Scientific Officer of Skin Rejuvenation Technologies & optiphi®, is hard at work researching possible cost-effective treatment modalities to curb the corona virus. Thus far our research has shown promising outcomes.


Skin: Why is this the ideal time for self-care?


Our skin is a vital organ as our first line of defense against harmful pollutants and foreign particles. It is very important that our skins barrier is intact and in a state of equilibrium to function optimally. In this challenging and stressful time there can be a shift in hormones that may lead to an array of skin concerns like dryness, acne, impaired barrier or inflamed skin.


When protecting the health of your body and skin, wearing a mask is great in the avoidance of receiving and spreading germs. Although the coronavirus is not airborne, the masks assist in being mindful of not touching the face and the blockage of sharing any germs. One should always practice not touching the face in prevention of transfer of bacteria, even outside the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. If you do not have the masks due to the shortage, please make use of other alternatives such as buffs or scarves and protect not only yourself, but others as well.


Although we protect with masks it is very, very important that you cleanse your face thoroughly day and night time to remove any foreign particles. The concern is that it may lead to dry skin, therefore it is important to use a cleanser that balances the pH of your skin and reinstates the moisture. Cleansing your skin regularly can also reduce buildup of impurities and limit the occurrence of breakouts. If you are running short on a cleanser during lockdown and do not fancy turmeric and honey on your face, all you need to do is make chamomile tea. Use a tea bag of chamomile tea with two cups of boiled water. Soak a face cloth in your tea in the tepid liquid and apply to your face for 3 minutes. Your skin should be feeling supple and fresh with its amazing healing, anti-oxidant, cleansing and moisturizing properties. An added benefit is that you can thereafter place the cooled down tea bag under the eyes to alleviate puffiness and any strain.


A compromised barrier function can be caused by internal and external factors like smoking, sun-exposure, emotional stress and hormonal imbalances. This results in the integrity of the skin and quality of the acid mantle where products are being absorbed quicker into the skin as well as foreign particles. The skin responds with sensitivity such as inflammation or breakouts. It is therefore important to ensure a well hydrated and moisturized lipid bilayer with the correct pH levels. If you do not have a moisturizer that produces these properties and are suffering with these concerns, a homemade oats concoction should do the trick. Ground oats fine and cook on a low heat with a tablespoon of olive oil and half a cup of coconut oil. Store in a jar of your choice and apply when needed. This homecare remedy will replenish essential fatty acids, calm and soothe skin.


Are you experiencing more breakouts due to stress? This is due to your body generating more hormones like cortisol which stimulates the glands in your skin to produce more oil. An oilier skin is more prone to acne concerns. If you are not able to use the optiphi facial cleanser or clarity serum as treatments, see the following as a substitute.


Eggs are easily accessible and nutritional powerhouses containing a multitude of vitamins and minerals. The egg white is beneficial for all skin types and can be tailored to your concern such as tightening and firming; removing buildup of impurities; improving the appearance of pore size; and clarifying excess sebum. Ingredients like honey, aloe vera and chamomile tea to modify your home care treatment.

An alternative to exfoliating the skin is apple cider vinegar which has a long history as a skincare ingredients. A key ingredient is malic acid, popularly used in the optiphi Pure Exfoliating Wash which cleanses and exfoliates the skin. This stimulates cellular turnover, restores the skin’s natural pH levels and helps clear out clogged pores and acne. This ingredient should always be diluted and never be applied directly to skin. Mix one part apple cider vinegar with 2 portions of boiled water. Use as a complete face or spot treatment.

Now that we covered dry; impaired barrier; inflamed and acne prone skin, we urge you to not forget to protect against the extremities of UVA and UVB damage, infrared radiation and high-energy visible blue light that comes from our phones and computers. As much as it is vital to boost our immune system and protect against any harmful infections, it is just as important to frequently cleanse; maintain a healthy barrier and ensure protective mechanisms on the skin.


Article written by Stephnie-Anne Dickinson – Head of Training at Optiphi.

Stephnie-Anne has been in the cosmetic industry for the past 20 years specialising in Education and Training with a keen interest in Active ingredients used in product formulations. She graduated from Isa Carstens Academy in 1998 and went on to work in one of the most well-known Skincare Salons in Johannesburg. She later started lecturing part time at a Beauty School in Johannesburg where she later lectured full time for 10 years. Stephnie-Anne went on to be the Education Manager for Dr Baumann where she held seminars in skincare and skin types. Thereafter she joined Isa Carstens Academy in a lecturing capacity and joined the Skin Rejuvenation Technologies team in 2016 where she is currently Head of Education.


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