How Spas can make the Most out of Valentine’s Day, according to Verena Lasvigne

| January 26, 2021

Featured in Spa Business Magazine, By Megan Whitby

Valentine’s Day should be a success both in terms of guest experience and securing success for your spa’s top and bottom line,” says Verena Lasvigne, industry figure, consultant and seasoned spa director.

Speaking exclusively to Spa Business, Lasvigne explained that Valentine’s Day holds significant opportunities for increased revenue, exposure and footfall for spa businesses.

“In many spas, Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year,” she says, “and since it gets so much attention, it’s crucial to plan how to get the most out of it.

“By that, I don’t just mean 14 February, but also anticipating how it can help bring in more business in the months ahead.

“I’ve come across so many spas over the years which are fully booked for Valentine’s Day as of mid-January but then neglected to plan how to take advantage of this unique day beyond a busy schedule.”

In her opinion, Valentine’s Day’s business potential extends well beyond mid-February.

To provide inspiration, Lasvigne has rounded up her top tips for optimising profitability in spas on Valentine’s Day and beyond:

1. Increase footfall
For spas that aren’t typically busy and need business, put together an offer or package. It can be something as easy as adding an enhancement and a glass of sparkling wine to a massage and giving it a romantic name. Only your creativity sets the limit. With that, your PR team can start planning on a promotion schedule.

2. Yield management
If your spa is already booked up for the day, don’t stop here! Take a strategic approach to maximise revenue like offering only 50-60 minute massages to get the perfect fill at the best yield, or consider reserving your couple suites only for couples. Train your reservation team on whatever approach you take.

3. Booking strategies
If you have online booking availability, add temporary blocks onto your schedule that only allow on-site reservations to book in. This means your online booking reservations don’t get in the way of your goal: the perfect fill!

4. Capitalise on retail
Create a retail section with gift ideas for the celebration of love. Make it Instagram-able so PR can promote this aspect of your operation. Now is the time to start finding your bestsellers!

5. Create something memorable
Wow your guests! Many new ones may join you, so your team has the opportunity to turn them into regular clients. For this, you need to spread some love.

Add a little touch for all guests coming in on Valentine’s Day weekend. This could be a rose, heart-shaped chocolates, a QR code to a love song playlist, a love poem for couples, bath salts in a heart shape … your creativity may be endless and adapted to your budget.

6. Value in vouchers
Outline a strategy for promoting gift cards and online gift certificates – the more you sell the busier your spa will be in the following months.

Spas that are especially busy on Valentine’s Day should focus even more on gift cards and certificates and less on what your spa has to offer for this day. Invest your time and energy into promoting the gift of wellness.


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