How to Tell if Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments are Right for You

| February 2, 2021

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Anyone who has struggled with flawed facial skin can attest to the fact that not being happy with your face can lead to a profound lack of confidence, even if it is only you who notices the imperfections.


Non-invasive anti-ageing techniques have gained a deservingly good reputation for allowing those who miss their youthful glow or simply wish to add a little more grace to the ageing process a gentler, quicker and more natural alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery.


So, how do you know that non-invasive anti-ageing procedures are the way forward for you?


Dr Sheryl Smithies, an avid provider of non-invasive facial treatments explains that there are solutions for common challenges that make us look older:


Your forehead

As we age, the horizontal lines running across our foreheads become more engrained, our forehead loses muscle structure becoming bonier and our temples may become sunken. This all contributes to an unnecessarily aged appearance and an overly stern expression.



As our skin loses elasticity our eyebrows may lose the definition in their arch, become flattened and begin to close off our eyes. The ideal brow line should frame and accentuate your eye shape as too straight of a line will obscure the form of your eyes.



Many mature people have phenomenally successful but stressful careers that have left them with a propensity to frown and deep folds between their brows that leaves them with an unwarranted irritated expression.



Much like your brows, the tissue surrounding your eyes should frame and accentuate their beauty and by aesthetically managing crow’s feet and dark circles you will ensure you look as bright-eyed and energetic as you feel.


Cheeks and cheekbones

A natural loss in collagen production and skin density may lead to cheeks sagging, less prominent jawlines, grooves between your nose and the corner of your mouth, and skin may collect below your jawline. If the skin over your bone structure has become thin or damaged fine lines may develop on the sides of your face that you sleep on.



As you age, your nose may change shape due to the soft tissue and skin losing strength with ultimately leading to the base of your nose becoming wider and looser.



Our lips get thinner and we develop laugh lines as we age and the corners of our mouth may turn downwards, giving you a permanently but mistakenly upset expression. The definition around the edge of your lip may also become blurred.



Freckles can be beautiful but if you are unhappy with the pigmentation on your skin, or have developed liver spot-type areas, uneven skin tone, or dry spots with lots of tiny wrinkles you may need to consider treatment.


Depending on factors such as your age, genetics, and your lifestyle, you may notice that you have varying degrees of the above challenges. The good news is that all of them are easily treatable with non-surgical measures such as Botox, Fillers, Threads and Chemical Peels to name a few.


If you related to any of the above-mentioned challenges, then you are an ideal candidate for anti-ageing treatments without breaking the bank or going under the knife.



About Dr Sheryl Smithies

Dr Sheryl Smithies – the newest talented addition to the cosmetics team at Enamel Dentistry in Cape Town – believes that understanding the frame of your face is key to your personal beauty. As a digital aesthetics specialist, Dr Smithies knows that mapping out the path to the perfect natural you has been made infinitely more accurate and less invasive with the innovation of digital technology.
Dr Smithies is passionate about enabling her patients to achieve their desired look without hesitations about the dental procedures or any doubt about their results. A perfectionist at heart, she takes great pride in the quality of her work and the profound positive impact it has on her patient’s lives. Dr Smithies was drawn to cosmetic dentistry because it strikes a perfect balance between art and medical science.

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