Esse Skincare introduces the new Probiotic Ampoule & Exclusion Mask

| March 25, 2021

REWILD YOUR SKIN with Esse Skincare’s Latest Professional Product Launch

The new Probiotic Ampoule and

Exclusion Mask


Bio-clinical probiotic skincare brand Esse

announces the global launch of a two-part

professional product designed to rewild the skin

with advanced probiotics. Fresh from the Esse

labs, the new Probiotic Ampoule and Exclusion

Mask creates an environment on the skin during

treatment that favours the growth of beneficial

probiotics for in-clinic microbiome intervention.

The Probiotic Ampoule is the world’s first live

probiotic product to be used in-treatment

containing a high dose of three species of live

Lactobacillus bacteria (5 billion colony forming

units per ml). Designed for use following facial

massage, the product is freshly mixed by the

therapist allowing time for the bacteria to

activate, using the prebiotic nutrient to grow and

divide. The activated probiotic is then applied to

the skin for a powerful delivery of billions of live

microbes to shift the skin microbiome towards

a ‘new normal’, reducing inflammation and

slowing down the ageing process.


The live probiotic treatment is followed by the application

of the setting Exclusion Mask which creates an anaerobic

environment on the skin, providing the perfect initial

environment for the bacteria to thrive. This regulates the

immune response and lowers inflammation and sensitivity.

The bacteria naturally produce hyaluronic

acid, lactic acid and microbial peptides

which provides hydration and regulates

the pH of the skin.


Both products are used in the Ultimate Esse Experience facial available at partner clinics, salons and spas worldwide.

Esse signature treatments and products restore the skin’s microbiome and harness the transformative power of probiotics to rewild the skin.


About Esse Skincare:

Meaning ‘to be’ in Latin, ESSE was founded in 2002 by biochemist Trevor Steyn in the nascent organic skincare category. In 2009, the company began its move into probiotic skincare when the early findings of the products. ESSE actively researches the application of new probiotic species and delivery methods to combat ageing and optimise skin health.

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