Esse wins 2 awards by The Beauty Shortlist Awards in the UK!!

| March 2, 2021
Esse has just been awarded 2 awards by The Beauty Shortlist Awards in the UK.
The Beauty Shortlist Awards is 100% independent and known for its transparency in showcasing natural, ethical and sustainable brands. With entries from over 39 countries, the awards are closely followed by consumers and industry experts and provide a level playing field to global and artisan brands like, celebrating the brightest new beauty and natural health launches.
The following Esse products have won The Editor’s Choice Awards:

Esse Probiotic Serum

Esse Resurrect Serum
About The Beauty Shortlist Awards
  • 100% independent and completely ad and sponsor-free, The Beauty Shortlist Awards were launched in the UK in 2012 by natural beauty journalist and eco lifestyle advocate Fiona Klonarides to spotlight and support natural, ethical and sustainable brands
  • They went global in 2017, attracting entries from 39 countries and entries are judged by experts in UK, USA and Australia
  • The awards are well known for their transparency and ethical focus and are closely followed by consumers, industry experts, including beauty buyers, industry news sources, journalists, PRs, retailers and international distributors
  • They provide a level playing field to global brands and smaller artisan brands alike, celebrating the brightest new beauty and natural health launches alongside already established and much-loved products
  • Media coverage of the Beauty Shortlist and BSL Awards in the UK, USA and Australia includes: Natural Products News Europe, My Green Pod (distributed to over 6 million eco-conscious readers, quarterly, with The Guardian), Cosmetics Design (USA), Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine (USA), The Financial Times, Diary Directory, Fashion Insight, and The Vegan Company News and Cos Beauty (AUS) <>

Esse Probiotic Skincare

Most people associate probiotics (good microbes) with maintaining a healthy gut, but new research has shown that microbes are also essential for perfect skin. There are ten microbes for every human cell in your body and this finding has turned the conventional view of skin on it’s head. Skin is a complex ecosystem – an intricate, intermingled mix of human and microbial cells that work together to optimise barrier function and keep moisture in. Esse has used this new revelation to formulate products that maintain a balance of microbes to slow the ageing process. To do this, Esse uses prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes and they’ve used probiotic microbes in some products to deliver specific results.

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