10th Annual GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY Celebration, Saturday, June 12th 2021

| May 19, 2021

12-Hour Free Livestream Across Six Continents Marks

10th Annual GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY Celebration,
Saturday, June 12th 2021

Theme: “Protecting Our Mental Wellness” – for Both Children and Adults —
During and After the Pandemic

Saturday, June 12th 2021 will mark the tenth annual Global Wellness Day (GWD) celebration.  Following last year’s never-before-done and very successful, 24-hour free live broadcast in face of the pandemic, this year’s special day will be celebrated online globally with a 12-hour free livestream in concert with safe, public events and complimentary educational wellness offerings around the world. Notables showcasing their work during the livestream include: an award-winning nature cinematographer; a biophysicist/former NASA scientist and light sciences expert; an Olympic gold medalist; best-selling authors; nutritionists, spiritual leaders, You Tube wellness stars and more.

The 12-hour, free livestream will illustrate the value of being proactive and taking responsibility for your own physical and mental health with ten-minute segments on topics that range from nutrition and exercise to scientific breakthroughs for fighting pathogens; from fortifying mental and spiritual health to building compassionate communities.

Belgin Aksoy, the Istanbul-based Founder of Global Wellness Day, said, “In a world where 1 in 10 people live with a mental health disorder, necessary steps to protect our minds and soul must be taken. Young people are more vulnerable than adults; according to a study, those aged 16 to 24 are the group most likely to report feeling lonely, especially those who are shy and introverted, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation. Never has Global Wellness Day’s message of One Day Can Change Your Whole Life been more meaningful.”

Standout and influential experts joining the GWD 2021: 12-Hour Free Livestream Celebration includes International actor and screenwriter – Said Taghmaoui; UK’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador within the Department for Education – Dr. Alex George; Humanitarian, Spiritual Leader & an Ambassador of Peace – His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who will lead the global meditation session; Award-Winning Cinematographer, Director and Producer of Moving Art, which airs its third season on Netflix– Louie Schwartzberg; 99-year-old philanthropist, co-Founder of Rancho la Puerta and the “Godmother of Wellness” – Deborah Szekely; Headmaster of Shaolin Temple Europe – Master Shi Heng-Yi who has over 9.4 million views just on YouTube; NYT best-selling author and wellness expert for the mind, body and soul – Kimberly Snyder; Biophysicist and former NASA scientist – Fred Maxik; an international group of artists making anthems for social and environmental change – NYADO; three-time gold medalist who has qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo – Abdelkarim Fergat; Polish Accordion Virtuoso – Marcin Wyrostek; Opera Singer – Boyd Owen; Irish twins and Vegan Nutritionists who have over 36 million views on YouTube – Steve & Dave (The Happy Pear); Author, Speaker & Holistic Living Mentor – Clara Seren Amram; Celebrity Yogi and Yoga Revealed Founder – Andrew Sealy; Neuroscientist and Head of the Stress Physiology Lab at Parma University, Italy – Dr. Andrea Sgoifo; Chariman and CEO of Global Wellness Institute – Susie Ellis; Global Wellness Day Founder – Belgin Aksoy and her son, will do a tandem paragliding flight; and World Record Holder Wingsuit BASE Jumper – Cengiz Kocak will flyby with his wingsuit right between the two paragliders with a breath-taking performance.  A number of other wellness professionals will also be showcased during the event on Global Wellness Day’s YouTube Channel (https://bit.ly/2PjRH5I) and Facebook Page (https://bit.ly/3eAQIbl).

Aksoy’s dream of celebrating a day dedicated to wellness has inspired an international network of over 130 volunteer GWD Ambassadors, Key Supporters and Advisors to help make her dream a reality across the globe. The virtual 12-hour live events organized this year continue to hold three main attributes: educational, non-commercial and complimentary since Aksoy’s motivating belief is that wellness is not a luxury but the inherent right of every individual.

Global Wellness Day has grown from being celebrated in one country in 2012 to being celebrated in 170 countries in tens of thousands of locations from New Zealand to Hawaii and receiving the support of famous celebrities and government officials such as world-renowned American presenter and producer, Oprah Winfery; world famous English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams; award-winning English actress Dame Julie Andrews; former Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; HRH Prince Radu of Romania; President of Cyprus – Nicos Anastasiades; the Minister of Youth, Sports and Community of Maldives – Ahmed Mahloof among many others. New to the roster of countries this year are Barbados, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Malaysia, Venezuela and Indonesia.

Among many other international brands, Vacayou – a wellness travel company, Happy Ali – a global news portal focusing only on positivity messages, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Accor Hotels are once again supporting and making GWD a part of their corporate-wide wellness campaign. Mandarin Oriental will be offering 24-hours of wellness via Instagram Live from across their hotels following the theme of “Inner Strength – Outer Strength.” Accor Hotels will be honoring GWD with its luxury and premium hotel brands by educating and encouraging colleagues and guests to celebrate the day around the world with various activities ranging from meditation during meetings to morning power walks and healthy snacks.

“I am a strong advocate of the understanding that, living well is the simple necessity for every human being on the planet and that wellness is not a luxury but the inherent right of every individual,” says Aksoy, a cancer survivor. “I believe the pandemic has proven this to us all. Wellness is multidimensional; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental. Our goal is for Global Wellness Day to help support individuals and societies to maintain a better lifestyle amidst these unpresented times. The past year has given us the opportunity to take a step back and really think about life and how we want to live it. Most importantly, although Global Wellness Day lasts for 24 hours, our message is intended to last a lifetime and the day Global Wellness Day gets accepted into the United Nations Official Calendar will be my celebration day – because it will the day Global Welness Day becomes a day celebrated by future generations.”

Look for the hashtag #globalwellnessday to follow what happens around the globe on June 12.

Below are an alphabetical sample of celebrations planned in countries from Barbados to Vietnam for GWD 2021, including: online wellness workshops; small and socially distanced gatherings with family-friendly wellness events; as well as hotels and community centers offering complimentary activities such as dance and Tai Chi classes, cooking demonstrations and mental wellness seminars.

• Barbados – A socially distant celebration will take place with a nature walk and continue with an hour of yoga, healthy food cooking demonstrations and free chair massages and the day will finish with a fun family dance exercise.

• Brazil – This year the GWD team’s goal is to draw attention to the GWD 7 Step Manifesto with a number of activities such as, healthy cooking classes, building organic vegetable gardens, seminar on recycling, bottle collection, and doing good deeds by visiting the Solidarity Bazaar to donate clothes, shoes and other essential items to those affected by the pandemic.

• Canada – Lululemon, Eastwood Cycle, Club Row Fitness along with Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler and many more will be organizing GWD celebrations in Canada including a virtual “Healing Yoga” session for employees and clients. Fairmont Jasper Lodge will be offering free boat and bike rentals for guests. Delta Prince Edward Marriott will be organizing online sun salutation, breathing exercise and meditation workshops.

• Costa Rica – GWD Costa Rica team will be organizing outdoor events in line with Covid-19 rules and regulations throughout Costa Rica, with the support of the Costa Rican Tourism Board, National Chamber of Tourism, Costa Rica Wellness Tourism Association, and National Chamber of Ecotourism and other corporate companies.

• France – Tigre Yoga Club, Bleu Blanc Coeur, Fusion Workout, Mentorshow, ALL (Accor Loyalty Program), L’Occitane, Celemence Peix Lavallee and Millésime Hotels and many more are among the brands organizing GWD celebration throughout France. Activities such as live face yoga, meditation, cardio workouts, sleep and nutrition seminars will take place through an online celebration event.

• Hungary – Main activity will be taking place in Budapest on June 12th with the support of Ritz Carlton Hotel, Budapest. A series of online lectures and workshops will be taking place, along with online fitness programs featuring stress relief yoga, full body Pilates, therapeutic exercises and techniques for home office workspaces by well-known Hungarian experts.

• India – In spite of the devastating impact of COVID on the country, online GWD celebrations with wellness experts and guest speakers featuring topics such as breathing workshops, sleep optimization programs, health & nutrition workshops and much more will be organized and broadcast live through social media channels.

• Italy – Davines Group with its brands [comfort zone] and Davines are organizing a very special activity for children on Global Wellness Day, June 12th with Prof. Susanna Esposito, Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Pediatric Clinic Pietro Barilla Children’s Hospital in Parma.

• Japan – GWD Japan team has organized various online activities to keep communities connected such as a 30-Day Morning Yoga Challenge, Wellness to Go, Pass the Paddle Challenge with 100 GWD Supporters and much more with the support of local brands such as Okinawa Tourist Company, Kurohime Wakan Yakuin Kenkyusho, The Day Spa and more.

• Macau – In cooperation with Mr.J Sports and ManaVida, the GWD Macau team has organized a day filled with fun activities such as Zumba, tabata, breakletics, kickboxing, morning and sunset stretching as well as workshops on raw foods, kombucha, essential oil blending and much more at the iconic Macau Tower Outdoor Plaza.

• New Zealand – GWD New Zealand has prepared both online and physical activities across the country such as sunset yoga, partner acro yoga, house dance competition, group fitness classes, Zumba, functional fitness, Bootcamp, BoxHITT, online dancing classes, aqua exercises and guided nature walks.

• Puerto Rico – This year GWD team has planned a series of online and socially distanced activities featuring yoga under the stars, aromatherapy workshop and aromatic essential oils for medicinal purposes, sound meditation, Latin music dance classes and a 30-day meditation challenge.

• South Korea – A day of fun and educational activities such as Gyro Kineses, stretching classes, yoga, Pilates, color therapy and much more have been prepared to take place at various locations such as InterContinental Hotel at Alpensia Resort, Park Roche Resort at Jeognsun, Leaf Pilates & Tao Yoga.

• Sweden – This year GWD Sweden decided to focus on younger generations that have been isolated from school, friends and sport activities for the last 16 months. An online celebration event featuring webinars on protecting our mental well-being, giving our bodies the right fuel, boosting our self-esteem, and exercise, as well as workshops on yoga and meditation.

• United States – Kerstin Florian will be hosting hourly Guided Breathing Rituals and passing out gift bags to help guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel continue the practice at home.  The towns of Bozeman and Whitefish — at opposite ends of the state of Montana — will use their network of farmers and foodbanks will hold a GWD event entitled “Healthy Foods Nourish Community” to support healthy foods and food security for needy Montanans.

The Springs Resort and Spa in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is inviting the community to a morning breath work practice and guided meditation around the Mother Spring, the deepest geothermal spring in the world. At the Cross Road Farmer’s Market in Cleveland, Ohio, Functional Medicine doctor, Tammy Gutierrez, MD, will be teaching a class on how to “eat a rainbow.”  A selection of Marriott’s luxury brands as well as the Florida Spa Association will be hosting classes by Cause + Medic and Clean Republic on green health and safety protocols and solutions during COVID and beyond.

• Vietnam – Prior to GWD the team will cooperate with Vietnamese celebrities and media to create awareness with “wellness dinners.” June 12th activities such as Tai Chi, yoga, beach clean-ups, dances, 30-minute nature walks, healthy cooking workshops, Zumba and much more are planned to take place at schools, open area parks, and partner venues.


About Global Wellness Day:
Founded in 2012 by Belgin Aksoy, Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day which is an international social project dedicated to living well. The fundamental purpose of the day is to make us aware of the value of our lives. Even if it’s for one day of the year, to make us stop and think to get away from the stress of city living and our bad habits, and thereby find peace within ourselves.

The first step taken in Turkey towards living well was turning GWD into an international movement together with 103 GWD Ambassadors, 27 Key Supporters and 4 Advisors who are lifestyle-oriented entrepreneurs and wellness professionals from all around the world. Global Wellness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of every June in more than 170 countries and in over tens and thousands of locations around the world only with complimentary activities.

For more information: www.globalwellnessday.org | #globalwellnessday

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