Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazine – Issue 78

| May 10, 2021

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazine – Natural & Organic


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Editor’s Note: NATURAL & ORGANIC

We always looked at Natural and Organic as our panacea to health, in our food and skincare, but today, it is more a collective approach to wellness, including sleep, fitness, mental health, connection to nature, architecture, sustainability, wellness travel and more..

It is important to look at all aspects of your business, and explore both micro and macro wellness trends to ensure that you are abreast of the latest being offered across the spa and wellness industry.

Amid the COVID pandemic, hospitality and wellness businesses are one of the most impacted. Upgrading your menu offering with products and services which are considered wellness trends is worth exploring.  According to CR Fashion Book, many businesses are coping by boosting their online presence and rethinking their services, including virtual sessions on various topics such as acupressure, anxiety, and skincare. Meanwhile, some businesses have had to adjust their most profitable services.
Spas have to follow new pandemic protocols, this includes meticulous cleanliness and mask regulations. If clients know that your spa adheres to these, they will feel more confident to visit and support your business.

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Dates to Diarise: Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference and Spa Awards 2021 are taking place on the 25th & 26th July 2021, at the new Houghton Hotel. An event not to be missed.

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This Pandemic feels like a Realignment? 2
GWS Unveils 2021 Wellness Trends Report  4
What is Healing? 6
How Finding Your Flow State Could Improve Productivity 8
Consumers are Making Sustainability a Growth Opportunity for our Spas 12
Reclaiming Resilience 14
Using the Herbal Essential Oils 18
Top 10 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Why It’s So Powerful 20
Circular Economy EXPLAINED 22
The Amazing Effects of a Juice Detox 24
Now is the Time to Refresh your Spa Business 26
7 Skincare Lessons We’re Taking with Us Into 2021 28
How You Can Be A Part of the Blue Beauty Movement 30
Mental Health Initiatives for Spa & Wellness 32
Tips for Improving Your Vibration 34
Serene Organizing in your Spa 36
Why We All Need to Commit to Better Sleep Habits 38
4 Tips for Setting Powerful Goals 40
Becoming Aware That You Are the World 42
One Perspective On The Future of Wellness Tourism 44
Build Your Online Presence for a Sustainable Future 46
For the Love of a Dog 48


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