Business Insights from My Salon Software – #12 Increase Your Salon, Spa or Clinic’s Visibility

| June 16, 2021



Business Insights #1

Increase Your Salon, Spa or Clinic’s Visibility


Marketing and promotions are two sides of the same coin. They address the core need of any business – making clients aware of you, getting them into your business and getting them shopping.

In basic terms marketing is everything you do to make the community aware of your brand. ‘Putting yourself out there’. One of the most successfully marketed companies is Coca Cola. To keep people buying their product their logo can be seen everywhere – Shop signage, on their delivery trucks, sponsorships and endorsements and of course, advertising and promotion. It is so successful, one could easily believe they have no competitors in the soft drink market.

Marketing really begins with building your brand values, your standard of service, the quality of your work, how pro-active your staff are at solving problems. In other words, the image (memory) the clients take away from their experience. The more clients rave about your brand the more new clients you will get. This is called networking and is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Any activity you are involved in – sponsoring school functions, piggybacking with beauty and fashion outlets or even turning your top clients into Ambassadors for your salon, spa or clinic are part of your marketing strategy.

The two main dynamics in marketing are IMAGE & REPUTATION.

Promotion on the other hand is all about being pro-active in your business. Promotions will not make you successful, but they will make you more interesting. Promotions also don’t need to cost you a lot of money because the most successful promotions are those that are creative and imaginative and, rather than providing a temporary discount, add value to the service they are already getting. When it comes to consumer spending in the service industry there is a psychological reason for this, trust me!

Promotions can be split up into three types – traditional, themed and spontaneous.

These are traditionally Valentines, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day’ Easter, Christmas etc.

Themed promotions can include seasonal changes, new product launches, even your Business’s Anniversary becomes an opportunity to promote your business. Hair Salons can have Hat days, where everybody wears a hat, the 60’s, playing 60’s music in the salon. And of course Christmas… decorating your Spa or Clinic to revel in the mood of gratefulness, love and giving. These are all examples of themes which require some planning and are normally low cost. (You only need lots of money if you lack creativity and imagination). The success of these promotions is the ‘celebration element’, the degree with which staff get into the spirit of the promotion.

Spontaneous or sell through promotions can have the biggest impact on your turnover and are so easy to do. During my time running Clinique here in South Africa we used this form of promotion to build turnover whenever we were behind on target. Simply decide on a promotional focus. It could be hair loss, dry hair, colour fade, colour correction, trauma caused by mechanical appliances, pollution, chemical processes – the areas of opportunity are endless. The salon then focusses on one of those issues for a period of two weeks. Every client needs to be consulted on the promotional focus.

For two weeks every client is educated on the topic, for example, hair loss. The various causes, how it affects people in different ways and most importantly, how clients can help reduce hair loss.

Or for example, sun damage. How important it is to protect the areas always in the sun, like the face, hands and arms. To prevent pigmentation and or treat pigmentation and sun damage with the correct product and how the product treats and protects the skin.

The consultation must include products available. To set the stage, have support material on the section – books, pictures etc. as well as the products you recommend for the treatment of hair loss or sun damage. The great thing about this particular focus is whether the client suffers from hair loss or sun damage or not it is almost guaranteed that she knows someone who does.

Another example is colour fade. Because colour involves a large financial investment, clients are hungry for ideas how to make their colours look fresher, longer. Once again it is important to educate clients regarding the primary causes of colour loss and have the recommended products on your section for clients to see, to hold and to refer to.

To ensure success make sure staff are fully trained on the features and benefits of the solutions they are promoting.

Focused Promotions are guaranteed to increase retail sales by 15-25% as well as educating clients about other in-salon services such as treatments.

Over a period of time, you will build up a history of these promotions and by using the Client Source function on My Salon Software you will be able to see which marketing and promotional activities give you the best results. These become the basis of future promotional planning.

A final word on promotions ‘Nothing promotes your business better than a team of professional experts committed to giving each and every client the best results and the best experience every time they come into your business’. 

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Business Insights #7


Of all the dynamics essential for running a successful business, the most important is growing a clientele (regular, money-in-the-bank clients.)

For me this is the fun part of the business, it’s like collecting friends on Facebook or having lots of people on your birthday list. Each new client you add to your clientele is a celebration to the success of your business.

However, in the real world, getting clients and keeping clients are two different things. There are four stages to growing a clientele.

Attracting clients – getting new clients is not as difficult as it sounds. Promotional activity, social media, good signage, networking and referrals provide a great source of attracting clients to your salon. In this four-stage-process it is vital to note how you got this client into the salon, what we call ‘client source’. Good software will ask you the source of new clients and this information will show you from where you are getting new clients. With My Salon Software the system automatically recognises a client’s cell number so that, working on the principle that you can’t be be a first time client twice, when she returns the client status changes the status to ‘regular’.

Getting clients to come back to the salon – the most obvious way is to give them a reason to want to. Treat first time clients as the start of a long journey you would like to have with them. Always plant a seed called ‘next’ – what is the next thing you would like to do for them, when is the next time you would like to see them in the salon, what is the next step to improving their maintenance programme at home. Or simply offering first time cut & blow clients a second blow dry ‘on the house’ if they come in within the next week for you to see how she is enjoying her hair.

Growing clients – it’s no secret, the only way to grow turnover is to get more clients, get existing clients to buy more of what you have to offer (upselling), or keep putting your prices up. We have looked at ways to get clients into the salon and to just keep putting your prices up to generate turnover is suicide. So it makes sense that we focus on growing clients. The operative word for this is consultation. Consultation sounds like something you do (a noun) however to be really effective it needs to be a way of doing things (a verb) during which you take your client on a journey of discovery to see what is going to be the ‘next’ service or product the client will buy.  Discover what problems, needs or desires your client has and to then make a professional recommendation to satisfy that problem, need or desire. It might be colour fade or hair loss or just generally bad hair condition. Once you have clients buying all areas of your offering the average spend of each client goes up and clients become more loyal to your salon. My Salon Software allows you assign clients to groups and to see the number of clients growing in each group.

Losing clients – getting and growing clients is one thing but holding on the them year after year can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know how many you are losing. To address the problem client you need to understand the problem.

Unfortunately clients die or move to another area or country and we can’t do much about that. However, more that 75% of clients change salons because they no longer feel they are getting the service they expect or feel your services are simply not worth what you’re charging.

There are two ways to gauge the number of clients you lose over a given period of time.  Firstly, on My Salon Software the system can show you a breakdown of how many clients came to the salon broken down by source, by month. So, if you had 100 clients in month one and got 5 new first-time clients a month and kept all 100 of your original clients you should see 115 clients coming in in month 4. This estimation is more accurate the longer the period of time you monitor. If the 15 first-time client are included in month 4 then you are losing existing clients.

The other is to generate a report of your top spending clients.  This report sorts your clients by spend starting from highest spender to lowest. The value in this report is that it shows you the date of clients’ last visit. So, if you see that some of your top spenders haven’t been to the salon for 30, 60, 90 days etc you have the opportunity to follow up with them.

If there are take-aways from this blog they are:

  1. Clients go where they’re invited, stay where they’re wanted and grow where they’re consulted.
  2. Always treat clients as though they were first-time clients.
  3. Remember clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

Making you think! 

By Terry Mile





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