Extracts Collection Launched Bath & Massage Oils

| June 1, 2021

Bath & Massage Oil – 100ml R450

This beautiful Bath & Massage Oil is gently infused with the purest essential oils and carried by nourishing plant oils such as Jojoba & Avocado oil. The special blend of white flowers & citrus essential oils makes this Bath & Massage oil uplifting & relaxing whilst leaving your skin soft & glowing with hydration. This blend is pregnancy safe and can also be used as an at home Spa Massage oil to ease areas of tension.

Why We Love It
• 100% pure natural blend
• Plant-derived, vegan friendly formulae
• Free from artificial fragrance, colour, parabens, petrolatum and mineral oil
• Pregnancy safe
• At home spa experience
• Uplifting fragrance that gives an all-over feeling of happiness
• Omega rich plant oils that leaves your skin deeply moisturised & elastic

How To Use It
• For Massage:
• Apply directly to the body with slow sweeping movements paying special attention to areas of tension.
• Bribe a friend or family member to rub your back & shoulders
• If you are pregnant, be sure to ask your partner to follow our easy and safe At Home Pregnancy Massage tutorial on www.extractscollection.com
• For Bath:
• Pour a small amount into a warm bath
• Light a candle and play your favourite mindfulness playlist
• Take care not to slip when getting and out of the bath
• Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths
• Soak away any stress & tension

Inside Our Pure Natural Blend:
• Jojoba Oil
Contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B Complex which leaves your skin moisturised & nourished.
• Avocado Oil
The Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties leaves your skin strong, nourished & elastic.
• Neroli Blend
Promotes deep sleep and relaxation.
• Mandarin Oil
Promotes relaxation, is uplifting & reduces feelings of morning sickness.

About: Extracts Collection™ aims to create beautiful “me time” moments enabling you to stop, breathe and reconnect to self.

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