Oxygenate your Body with Ozone Therapy

| October 3, 2021

Oxygen is the single most important nutrient for the body and your wellness. The body can survive weeks without food, days without water … but only minutes without oxygen. Every cell of the body requires a continuous supply to generate energy, detoxify the body and maintain healthy cells. Any reduction in the availability of oxygen to the body reduces the optimal performance of these essential cellular functions. Low oxygen levels are caused by poor posture and breathing, deoxygenated water and refined foods, smoking, lack of exercise, environmental pollution or exposure to carbon monoxide.

A lack of sufficient oxygen is a major cause of poor health. It leads to conditions such as arthritis, low immunity, constant tiredness, cancer, regular colds and flu’s, hay fever, migraine, low vitality, and a number of other illnesses. When the body is flooded with an activated form of oxygen (ozone), people consistently report that these conditions (and their general health, wellbeing and energy levels) dramatically improve.

Ozone (03} is activated oxygen (02), and in a short period of time the 03 molecule will revert back to oxygen. During this short half life cycle, the O3-molecule can therefore be utilized for sanitation and sterilization purposes. Ozone inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and protozoa.

Is Ozone Therapy Dangerous?

Our company, Salvagente, takes great care to ensure all our Customers receive proper training and have all the information about the Do’s and Don’ts of ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy in the steam saunas are not dangerous at all, especially when correctly administered and when following the correct protocols. There are, however, a few important
things to consider:

• When inhaled in large quantities, ozone can irritate the lungs and airways. That is why your head is outside of the sauna and the opening sealed around your neck.

• Some individuals should consult with their general practitioners before going for ozone therapy. These include, but are not limited to, pregnant women, individuals with heart disease or high/ low
blood pressure.

Is Ozone Therapy Ligit?

Ozone has risen in prominence over the last decade as a viable alternative health modiality. As the therapy assist the body in natural healing, results should not be expected overnight, but should rather be viewed as a lifestyle. Multiple sessions are required to affect a positive change and get the desired results.

What are the Benefits of Ozone?

Ozone therapy increases the oxygen in your body, which improves the body’s ability to combat a range of ailments. Ozone therapy has over 100 health benefits. Ozone helps reduce toxins and impurities in your body as well as help fight viruses and bacteria.

Reported benefits include: fighting infections such as allergies, colds & flu, alleviating headaches, insomnia, anxiety and stress. It is also known to help fight diseases like hypertension, heart disease, neurological disorders and cancer.

How Many Sessions are Required?

Almost 14 years in the ozone industry revealed that this varies from person to person. For most, a total of 10 sessions will yield goad results. These 10 sessions should be completed within 3 weeks to a month. Itis recommended to continue with less frequent sessions even when improvements are achieved.

Can my Body Overdose on Oxygen?

No. Ozone therapy should be part of your daily health & wellness routine. Your body can, however, react to the detox process. This reaction is called a healing/detox crisis. Symptoms can range from
headaches, nausea and body aches to the most common symptom – a rash. If your body reacts to ozone in this way, you are on the right track and should persist – you are detoxing your body of years and years of toxins and impurities.

Should I buy a Sauna or rather go for Sessions?

The main consideration to make is whether you are purchasing a sauna for private or professional use. What’s great about owing your own sauna is not only that you and your family will benefit from ozone therapy daily, but you’ll also be able to earn an additional income. We have a network of affiliated outlets around the world which you can visit
for sessions, also in South Africa.

Happy Customer

“| had indescribable amount of pain (sic). | suffered facial paralysis from shingle symptomatic with Ramsay Hunts Syndrome. Most of the pain medication the doctors administered had unfavorable side effects. Being diabetic, effected my recovery negatively.

After my first session | had no pain. Significantly | am experiencing additional changes in my wellbeing.|had to reduce my diabetic medications because | don’t need it as much, my skin feels amazing; my vitality is back; my metabolism increased dramatically; my hair is stronger
and | am no longer on pain medication‚”Alicia, New Zealand. (Letter was shortened, Ed.)

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