Esse Presents Clarifying Product Collection

| November 23, 2021

Bio-clinical skincare brand, Esse, announces the launch of the Clarifying collection, formulated to treat acne. Esse is leading the way in an industry shift towards a probiotic approach where feeding and seeding with probiotic species protects the skin from pathogens and treats chronic
inflammation, the underlying cause of problem skin. Inflammatory skin diseases, like acne, are almost non-existent in hunter-gatherer communities but these conditions have become commonplace across the modern world. Over-sterilised homes, poor diet, and chronic stress
have contributed to skin that is hyper-reactive and prone to acne.

Esse provides a new perspective using microbiome
science to formulate high-tech, all-natural products
that treat the cause of acne, not just the symptoms.
Fresh from the Esse labs, the four-piece range goers an alternative
approach to treating acne by shiing the microbial ecology on
skin to favour a healthy, diverse ecosystem.


Trevor Steyn, the founder, comments
‘Acne is a symptom of our modern
lifestyle. We can’t go back to living as
farmers or hunter-gatherers, so we need
to reseed the skin with live probiotics’.
Esse introduces four strains of live Lactobacillus probiotics at
more than 1 billion colony forming units per millilitre. Lactobacillus
is a healthy contributor to the skin microbiome and these species
have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation whilst being
antifungal and improving skin hydration and wound healing.
– More than 80% of teens and around 4% o
adults get acne.
– Acne is either absent or rare in people that live
traditional rural lifestyles.
– Inflammation is the underlying cause of acne
and problem skin.
– Vitamin D and live probiotics are shown to
have a sustainable anti-inflammatory effects.

The range includes:

Clarifying Oil, 15ml
A light, easily absorbed facial oil which contains a synergy of
live probiotics to shi the microbiome and act as a sebum
support to reduce the skin’s oil production. Pro-vitamin D
helps to boost an essential component of healthy skin.

Key ingredients
Vitamin D for immune response regulation and improved
barrier function; Bakuchiol to control bacterial overgrowth
and maintain sebum integrity; Live Lactobacillus to improve
inflammatory response.


Clarifying Cleanser, 100m
Gently detoxifying, this non-foaming and non-stripping
charcoal-infused cleanser soothes with probiotic extracts.
Salicylic acid is included to gently exfoliate and balance pH
to ensure a balanced microbiome.
Key ingredients
Salicylic Acid to reduce sebum production; Bamboo Charcoal
to absorb toxins and oils and Lactobacillus to shi the
populations of bacteria on the skin.




Spot Corrector, 10ml
A targeted spot treatment packed with Salicylic Acid,
Bakuchiol and Niacinamide to ensure spot and inflammation
Key ingredients
Bakuchiol to control bacterial overgrowth; 2% Salicylic Acid to
reduce sebum production; Niacinamide to reduce
inflammation; Lactobacillus Lysate to shi the populations of
bacteria on the skin; Tyndallised Lactobacillus to improve
barrier function.


Clarifying Serum, 30ml
A skin supplement with 2% Salicylic acid to help keep pores
clear and Niacinamide to regulate oil production. Probiotic
extracts and prebiotic nutrients to boost skin’s barrier function.
For best results, use aer the Clarifying Oil.
Key ingredients
2% Salicylic Acid to reduce sebum production; Niacinamide to
reduce inflammation; Hyaluronic Acid to aid wound healing and
scar treatment; Tyndallised Lactobacillus to improve barrier
function; Prebiotics to activate the skin’s own defence systems;
Myrothamnus provides polyphenol anti-oxidant support.



About Esse
Meaning ‘to be’ in Latin, ESSE was founded in 2002 by biochemist Trevor Steyn in the nascent organic skincare category. In 2009, the company began its move into probiotic skincare when the early findings of the Human Microbiome Project started to shi the conventional view of skin. ESSE sees the skin as an ecology of human and microbial cells and incorporates this groundbreaking research into the formulation of all its products. ESSE actively researches the application of new probiotic species and delivery methods to combat ageing and optimise skin health.

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