Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazines – Issue 83

| November 18, 2021

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazine – Issue 83 –


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What does anti-aging mean to you and your clients?

The main focus of anti-aging benefit is prevention. Experts recommend the use of anti-aging routines and products in as early as your 20s. After all, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Using anti-aging routines and products before signs become fully visible it is an effective way to slow down the aging process and delay its onset.

Studies reveal aging is a multifactorial process and depends on both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Procedural options for diminishing signs of intrinsic aging and cosmetic rejuvenation have expanded dramatically. However, less attention is paid to counseling clients on options for mitigating extrinsic factors related to aging.
Conventional cosmetic procedures and cosmeceuticals work together with nutritious diet, exercise, dental hygiene, hormonal balance, stress reduction, smoking and pollution avoidance, and healthy sleep patterns for a better effect on antiaging.
Concluding that a combination approach of multiple nonsurgical modalities along with healthy lifestyle recommendations to minimize intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors allows cosmetic practitioners to target multiple facets of aging concurrently and maximize the aesthetic interventions therapists and practitioners provide.

Managing Editor – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, South African Edition
Dr Nadine de Freitas – 083 267 2773
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Anti-Aging And Aesthetic Medicine: The Rise Of This Multibillion Dollar Industry 2
My 10 Keys to Successful Aging 4
The Anti-Aging Secrets Dermatologists Tell Their Friends 6
Injectables and the Future 8
18 Ingredients a Clean Cosmetic Chemist Would Avoid 10
What Is ‘Emotional’ Beauty 12
5 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Around The World 14
Is Metabolism the Key to Disease and Aging? 16
National Survey Reveals How Pandemic Has Impacted Beauty 18
The Value Of Digital Transformation And Collaboration In Fashion, Luxury And Beauty 20
Stem Cell Collagen Activators: How to Support Your Stem Cells, So They Can Protect Your Collagen 24
The Best 8 Ways To Boost Your Immune System 28
Boost Your Immune System With These Foods 30
The Gut-Brain Connection: How It Works + How to Support It 32
Topical Vitamin D: A Superhero Solution for Skin, Immunity, and Health 34
Lion’s Mane Mushroom: The Potential Brain-Boosting, Cancer-Fighting Powerhouse 36          The Gua Sha Facial 38
Can Health Tech ‘Extend’ Life Through Anti-Aging Solutions and Products? What Are They? 40
Anti-Oxy-What? 42
Sustainable, Beauty and the Spa Industry. Our Q&A with Davide Bollati, Chair of Davines Group 44
The “Fitness Market” Is Far Bigger Than Gyms and Boutique Studio 48
Dispelling Ageist Myths In The Workplace 50
Our attitude to massage is wrong – we need to turn it on its head! 56
Why The Spa Industry Needs To Invest In Education 58
Are You Building Strong ‘Wellness Partnerships’? 60
Our Modern-Day Vesuvius: Four curves we need to start flattening now 62
Boss Moves: Tips for Becoming a Successful Beauty Entrepreneur 64
What is Triple Bottom Line – and how can spa businesses benefit from it? 66
Ancient Beauty Secrets 68


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